Transportation Planning and Forecasting

Grow and optimize transportation networks end-to-end.

Exceptional Logistics Shipment Planning and Forecasting Capabilities

Optimize rates, routes, loads, and networks to create competitive advantages and significant cost reductions and maximize efficiencies throughout your supply chain. The all-in-one logistics planning and forecasting feature set includes an intuitive interface with task-specific, on-demand training modules that can help newer system users achieve faster, better ROI for every shipment.

Optimization During Planning for Better
Profitability and Continuous Improvement

Key planning functions set our planning suite apart in the industry:

Carbon Impact
Take advantage of systems and tools to measure your environmental impact, improve sustainability and lower carbon footprint.
Dock Scheduling
Improve shipment loading and unloading processes with innovative dock scheduling tools and technology.
Dynamic Routing

Go beyond basic route planning with real-time street-level management of routes and deliveries.

Load Planning
Enhance your capacity utilization to increase efficiency and be more ecofriendly.
Modeling common or new scenarios in your transportation and logistics network gives rise to more accurate predictive ETAs and outcomes.
Multimodal Optimization
From initial shipping to final mile delivery, multimodal optimization practices can provide fast and reliable shipping options.
Pooling And Advanced Rerouting
Maximize route efficiency and keep carriers and drivers on the road with innovative pooling and advanced routine services.
Street-Level Optimization

Optimize at every turn with innovative street level execution in ever-changing delivery scenarios.

Logistics with Tactical and Strategic Expertise

Our industry-leading logistics shipment planning is easily applied across your whole supply chain, from straightforward full truckload moves to the most varied and dynamic courier and parcel deliveries that require continuous re-routing. A simple easy-to-understand user interface allows users to run the optimizer to accommodate loads with last-minute changes, without ever needing to adjust any of the parameters. Also, the built-in scripting feature allows companies to customize the tool to overcome specific constraints. 
Schedule complex multimodal, global moves that may include drayage, ocean, rail, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, and cartage all at once. Consolidate shipments across locations, and even measure the amount of C02 emission you reduced as a result. Use actual contract rates, even from carrier application programming interfaces (APIs). The opportunities are as extensive and varied as your business model for end-to-end logistics.
Animated Scheduling

Accurately Factor for Real-World Constraints

We leaned on decades of expertise in managing the complexities of multimodal logistics, to develop our advanced planning technology. Each element that can affect desired outcomes is factored in as part of the shipment planning equation. This sets our clients up for success while setting us apart from the competition.
Even experienced logistics planners find it challenging to manually plan a small number of shipments while taking all constraints into account. Our planning suite automatically identifies the best transportation options given a variety of considerations such as dates, vehicles, drivers, routes, freight, services, carrier capacity, facilities, pooling, and asset types. You can even determine the impact of potential changes, such as fuel surcharge increases on future costs for better decision-making.

Leverage Logistics Planning and Forecasting to Advance Your Business Objectives