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Foolproof, Automated Shipment Planning

Avoid Shipment Planning Knowledge Gaps

Before every shipment begins its journey, shipment planning of the mode, carrier, route and numerous other characteristics has taken place. If you’ve embraced digitization, this process may be automated. If not, you are probably still relying on the tribal knowledge of a few people to execute thousands of shipments in the most efficient way possible.

So… what happens if those people leave your company?

Having technology in place to fill that gap – or better still, avoid it altogether – means your operations can be insulated from loss of tribal knowledge that may, or may not, be the best way to execute your shipments.

Shipment Planning For Better Profitability And Continuous Improvement

Let Data Drive Shipment Planning Decisions

A seasoned logistics planner is an invaluable asset on your team. And the best planners know that technology is an enabler that helps them perform better, faster and with fewer mistakes. MercuryGate won’t replace your shipment planning employees; but we CAN provide the tools to make them the best at what they do.

Our solutions help shipment planning teams execute:

A model gets its name for a reason. It represents a scenario that yields some type of learning. Transportation network models can reveal the best providers, shipping options, areas of operational improvement, savings and productivity.

Reduce the risk of exceptions with load planning capabilities that boost productivity, improve sustainability, bolster service, and manage costs for every mile of a shipment’s journey.

Even the best transportation plans can be for nil if the shipment arrives on time – only to get held up on the dock. Avoid bottlenecks and create transparency into inbound and outbound appointment management.

Go beyond basic load consolidation with multimodal optimization that helps you identify operational trends, eliminate unnecessary miles, simplify complex moves, reduce cost, and shrink carbon footprint.

Product sourcing activities are fraught with risk – largely due to manual, opaque, time-consuming processes that leave lots of room for error. Get ahead of non-compliant product by digitizing and centralizing risk management procedures.

Compare Your Best Laid Shipment Planning With Ours