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Global Sourcing and Compliance

Trace Your Global Footprint

Take the Guesswork Out of Product Integrity

Global Sourcing and Compliance automates trade and compliance programs, and it streamlines product management communications between the enterprise, suppliers, and service providers. International sourcing work typically involves a disarray of spreadsheets, emails, and servers. The more manual time and effort spent organizing information, the lower your profitability. Companies need adequate traceability and transparency to maintain product integrity.

Centralize and Automate Risk Management

A digital process regains control of costs, increases continuity, monitors evolving risks, and improves supplier relationship management while providing visible and traceable data.

Improve transparency of sourcing and compliance

Best practice process standardization and collaboration improving the monitoring and measurement of activities and statuses.

Empower with the right tools at the right time

Introduce innovative strategic sourcing software and collaboration tools in step with the organization’s resource pace, goals, and objectives.

Generate dashboard and enterprise reporting

Advanced analytics power visualization, analysis, and insight into trends and opportunities.

Scale business processes efficiently

Lower trade and compliance program costs gained through improved efficiency and insight.

Manage risk proactively

Better manage the organization’s risk profile through the automated monitoring, measurement, and validation of compliance for each order, item, and trading partner.

Use intuitive tools for quote sheet comparison and analysis

Build and distribute invitations for information (RFIs) and quotes (RFQs) to selected suppliers across the organization’s private sourcing network.

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Create an accessible information source
Share actionable events and statuses across the organization’s trade and service communities along with product details, order quantities, bill of materials, cost breakdowns, services, and shipping charges.

Centralize Product Sourcing
Under One Platform

With increasing corporate, social, and regulatory requirements, the complexity of managing compliance across the global supply chain has never been higher. MercuryGate’s global sourcing and compliance capabilities are available in an easy-to-use, online format. Organizations can be confident that every sourced product meets the organizational compliance requirements prior to release for shipment.

From centralizing information and distributing supplier communications to tracking orders and generating advanced analytics, the solution enables best practice process standardization and collaboration. All information is automatically reconciled to your suppliers, factories, orders, and sourced items. This unified source of truth allows you to improve the flow of goods from source through order placement, drive process efficiencies within your organization, and refine performance in sourcing partner network.

Digitize Your Global Sourcing And Compliance