MercuryGate TMS RFP Submission

A request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) organizes a vendor’s capabilities and expertise against your goals and requirements. Are you ready to begin your transportation management RFP process? MercuryGate is excited to demonstrate the value our product suite can bring to your organization. Submit the MercuryGate TMS RFP Submission Form to get started.


Choosing the right transportation management system (TMS) is critical for efficient transportation operations. Whether you’re facing a first-time TMS implementation or switching from another TMS provider, results from your TMS RFP submission will only be as strong as your evaluation criteria. The RFP process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Put your TMS to the test.
  2. Know the questions to ask in a TMS RFP.
  3. Map out a comprehensive TMS buyer’s journey.

Claims Management RFP

Freight claims are tedious for shippers and carriers, especially if claims are processed manually. The more freight you ship, the more time and money you spend on claims management. Instead, calculate the potential savings of an automated and centralized solution. MercuryGate Claims Management saves time, reduces costs, and manages all claim types.

Final Mile RFP

Every driver and truck on the road affect your bottom line — mile by mile. A robust vehicle routing and scheduling tool is essential to route optimization, fleet productivity, and customer service. Is it time to change vendors or implement a new solution? Find out by calculating the potential savings of implementing MercuryGate’s Final Mile product.

Global Sourcing and Compliance RFP

Product compliance is a complex problem for global retailers with thousands of SKUs and hundreds of suppliers. Inaccurate data, limited staff, and competing priorities make it easy for sourcing compliance to slip through the cracks. A unified source of truth, like MercuryGate’s Global Sourcing and Compliance tool, automates compliance status, creates more visibility, and reconciles compliance of purchase orders.

Shipment and Order Visibility RFP

Ocean freight shipments are frustrating due to the lack of visibility, communication, and control. An ocean logistics visibility platform improves efficiency, manages exceptions, and creates a unified system. MercuryGate’s Shipment and Order Visibility product visualizes the full shipment lifecycle across all modes.

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