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Put Freight Billing and Customer Invoicing on Autopilot

Automate and Integrate to Accelerate Settlement

Freight billing and invoicing activities drive up costs when you depend on repetitive manual processes and error-prone tasks. MercuryGate’s API-driven and integrated freight settlement solutions apply automation and a cloud-based platform to easily execute freight billing, customer invoicing, and carrier self-billing. As a result, you eliminate time-consuming workflows, consolidate documentation and data, and generate new efficiency that allows you to delegate resources toward other priority tasks.

Ready to see MercuryGate settlement solutions streamline freight billing and invoicing?

MercuryGate Freight Billing and Invoicing

What is Freight Billing?

Integrated freight billing automates accounting, generates documents, and matches invoices to loads, so you limit time-consuming processes, manual intervention, and potential errors.
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What is Customer Invoicing?

Digitized customer invoicing creates invoices and associated documents, then connects those files with your billing system of choice to streamline document management.
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What is Carrier Self Billing?

Carrier self-billing empowers shippers to generate invoices and pay anticipated freight costs based on agreed-upon rates, accelerating settlement and supporting better alignment.
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Integrate Seamlessly with All Management Systems

Billing and invoicing solutions integrate with any of your management systems, including existing financial resources, ERPs, load boards, and business intelligence platforms.

Financial Management
Integrate with systems across all modes to GL-code carrier and customer charges. As changes happen, automate back-out or cancel transactions and rebill accordingly.
Transportation Management 
Execute freight billing and invoicing in tandem with your full suite of multi-modal transportation solutions. Automatically validate carrier rates and contracts and set tolerance levels for manual validation.
Resource Management
Combine all resource management tools, including all major ERP, WMS, and CRM technology providers in a single platform to optimize operations and data-sharing across your enterprise.
Dispute Process Integration

Carriers and customers communicate about invoices and disputes directly within the system. This limits emails and phone calls to promote faster resolution.

Freight Billing Expedites Your Daily Payment Processes

Reduce the risk of financial loss and fast-track payment processing with automated processes configured to your unique business requirements. At the same time, you reduce time spent on manual processes and correcting duplicate or inaccurately billed charges.

Access the Value of Integrated Customer Invoicing

Streamline customer invoicing by digitally creating the correct statement of charges based on real-time information. Attach supporting documentation and directly connect to the billing system of your choice for quick invoicing in a platform where security is a priority.

Connect Across Partners
Connect customers and team members in a cloud-based platform that helps expedite document generation and distribution to brokers, carriers, and shippers.
Gain New Efficiency
Automate precursory invoicing documents and notifications to reduce time spent correcting errors and communicating one-on-one when carriers and brokers invoice for freight.
Increase Scalability and Adaptability
Scale and adjust freight accounting operations when new brokers or carriers are onboarded so you have faster access to capacity.