TMS Control Tower unlocks operational and data visibility

Control Tower Map Interface Brings Efficiencies to Light

Tracking shipments by status is great, but visualizations add another layer of visibility to help shippers manage by exception. While adverse events can and do happen, seeing those events plotted on a map helps shippers and procurement managers understand the overall dynamics within the market and recognize which area,  regional carriers, or other partners may be available to assist in moving freight. That is a distinct advantage that can help shippers make decisions when fulfilling orders or planning other activities across the full network, including within the final mile.

For example, seeing the delays or risks within a map view and having access to order-specific information can be useful in both localized and regional disruptions—like weather events. That information can in turn be shared with network partners and customers to build more collaboration and help your team increase customer service levels.

TMS Control Tower Visibility

Control Tower shows How All Parts of Your Supply Chain Work Together

create a Single source of truth

With control tower capability embedded in your TMS, all your transportation data lives in one place. Avoid the confusion of reporting out of multiple systems. Already have ERP or WMS systems that you love? Easily integrate them with your TMS to consolidate data for your entire enterprise.

get Instant visibility and actionability

A control tower does not just deliver a static report that captures a moment of supply chain activity – it lets you SEE your shipments in real time on a visual, map-based interface. So, it is easy to see your problem areas, and where you have extra capacity. You can identify and remove supply chain friction.

Proactively plan for exceptions

The control tower leverages both real-time operational data and advanced, predictive ETA data and dynamic rerouting insights to generate a holistic view of current and anticipated events. These features coalesce into a better, more informed, transparent approach to managing by exception.

The TMS Control Tower – What You Can Expect to See

Pickups & Deliveries

Default Dates with Customization: Defaults to today’s date with options to customize the window based on user preference, which allows for better views of current activity.

Pickups:  Tracks the number of pickups and deliveries with a map and details icons, making it easy to visualize the shipping orders within the control tower based on the date parameters.

Deliveries: Users can further see the scheduled deliveries on the map and see the additional details for the orders list screen based on the date parameters within the control tower.

Next Event ETA

At Risk ETA: Identifies the number and location of events, whether pickups or deliveries, at risk for being late or otherwise affected by any number of disruptions and why.  

Likely Late: Denotes the number of events that are likely to be late with the same location and order-level view as the above.  

Unknown Status: Helps shippers understand potential risks related to the number of events that are currently unknown based on current parameters, meaning they are currently in transit and without any details to explain their risk of being late.


Ready to Accept: Denotes a shipment that has an incomplete acceptance quote that has not yet expired, which means it needs attention. 

About to Expire: Quotes that are about to expire are shown to provide a sense of urgency and denote those that will expire within the next four hours.  

Expired: Quotes that expired within the last two weeks are visible with their order details for retendering or processing.  


The control tower can further show orders based on whether a shipment is pending or has already been:

  • Rated 
  • Booked 
  • Moved to in transit or 
  • Marked as delivered 

Get a bird’s-eye view of logistics and shipment status within the control tower