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TMS Control Tower Unlocks Operational Visibility

Control Tower Map Visualizes Shipments in Motion

Tracking shipments by status is fundamental, but TMS control tower visualization delivers the next-level supply chain visibility you need to manage by exception. With detailed map views illustrated by shipment events, transportation managers get a clear picture of what is coming through the network – and the regional service providers who are ready to move freight.

Leverage control tower tracking and detailed visibility to inform your decisions when fulfilling orders, planning network activities, or responding to localized disruptions – like weather events. You will improve collaboration with network partners, enhance communications with customers, and increase overall service levels.

Control Tower View Drives Supply Chain Coordination

Single Source of Truth

Control tower visibility is powered by your real-time transportation data. Easily integrate with ERP, WMS and other tools to create a consolidated data point for your enterprise.

Instant Visibility and Action

See shipments on a visualized, map-based interface that exists in the same freight management platform as your transportation execution functions.

Proactive Exception Management

Leverage real-time operational data, predictive ETAs, and dynamic rerouting to support a more informed, transparent approach to exception management.

What is within TMS Control Tower View?

Pickups & Deliveries

Track scheduled pickups and deliveries using map and detail icons that give you visibility to shipping orders within your selected window.

Next Event ETA

Identify events – pickups or deliveries – at risk for being late or likely late. Access additional details to understand the disruptions and whether alternate routes are needed.


Direct your attention to quotes that are Ready to Accept, About to Expire in the next 4 hours, or Expired, and get order details for retendering or processing.

Examine shipment status with a TMS control tower view that shows whether orders are Pending, Rated, Booked, Moved To or In-Transit, and Marked as Delivered.

Control Tower Visibility Aligns Operations

Challenge: Global medical products and solutions company managing a vast logistics footprint sought a solution that would help it unify operations.

Solution: Enterprise TMS control tower provides end-to-end supply chain visibility required for making data-driven transportation decisions.

Results: Streamlined processes across a global supply chain and achieved network-wide improvements in carrier management and internal reporting.

See MercuryGate TMS Control Tower Visibility

Easy-to-use search tools and filters in the Mercury Gate TMS control tower provide visibility down to the item level. Watch this short demonstration to see how the control tower provides predictive ETA analytics and real-time track and trace awareness that you need to manage supply chain transportation activity.

See the MercuryGate TMS Control Tower In Action