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Predictive Freight Analytics Remove Your Guesswork

Advanced Analysis Supports Risk Avoidance & Targeted Improvement

MercuryGate’s advanced business intelligence solutions transform data into information that decision-makers use to minimize risk and seize improvement opportunities. With predictive freight analytics, you can estimate spot market rates, determine network capacity needs, and identify transportation alternatives that improve cost and service.

Schedule advanced reporting to ensure timely action on real-time information and share changes with partners to protect customer experience. Point-and-click usability across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices delivers quick access to summary reporting so you can identify exceptions and address anomalies before they occur.

Processing Capacity Powers Data-based Decisions

Access analytics quickly and you can integrate data into your business processes quickly. MercuryGate TMS enables terabyte-scale analytics in real time so you can monitor predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs) in reports and dashboards with easy-to-follow visualizations.
Discover how we provide mission-critical data through any device so you get the information you need.

Machine Learning Applies Analytics for Ongoing Network Improvement

MercuryGate TMS feeds analytics back into the platform so it learns the best way to manage your freight. Practical machine learning applications evolve regularly in product releases.

Reverse Freight Auction Analysis
Shippers empower preferred carriers to bid on loads through reverse freight auctions. Relying on historical information by lane, machine learning adjusts auction parameters to meet current business needs.
Optimal Routing Decisions
Factor unique constraints into route strategy – from the long-haul first leg of an inbound freight shipment to the final mile delivery or hand-off to a third-party reseller – and apply historical transit information to improve route efficiency.

Predictive Freight Analytics Offer Prescriptive Path

MercuryGate users see future arrival times with predictive ETA, assess the potential effect of outside influences, and know when a delay might occur before the shipment lifecycle starts.

This detailed visibility allows front-end communications with customers that build rapport through specific delivery details at purchase. The same real-time awareness during shipment supports your strategy adjustments to fulfill cost and service expectations despite inevitable disruptions.

Learn How Predictive Freight Analytics Improve Transportation Outcomes