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Business Impact for People,
Profitability, Environment

As you may have guessed, we at MercuryGate are passionate about improving transportation operations. And not just because of the products we sell. We firmly believe that better freight management can impact the lives of the people who work in the industry, the bottom line of the customers we serve, and the environmental outlook for our planet.

Enable Meaningful,
Impactful Work

Any good leader will tell you that their best asset is a motivated, knowledgeable team. MercuryGate helps transportation leaders unlock the full potential of their best employees by empowering them with tools to focus their energies on the highest priorities and skills to achieve maximum results.
0 %
Reduction in time spent on load tendering

Adapt Operations
to Impact Profits

Your business’ bottom line can be affected by many factors, but the ability to maintain profitability can be boiled down to two core strategies: managing costs and growing revenue. The MercuryGate product suite helps both by finding cost reductions and identifying network planning opportunities to impact business growth.
$ 1.4b
Recovered by MercuryGate Claims Management customers in 2022

Reduce Global
Ecological Impact

The transportation industry is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. With regulatory and consumer demand to minimize carbon impact, shippers and LSPs can utilize the optimization and planning features in the MercuryGate product suite to lower their environmental impact.
0 %
Percentage of empty trucks on U.S. roadways

Source: https://www.epa.gov/ghgemissions/sources-greenhouse-gas-emissions

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