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Build Team Expertise with Product Education

Foundational Product Education for Team Success

If you are a logistics or supply chain veteran, you understand the importance of continuous learning. As the industry has evolved, so have the skills needed to utilize a technology stack that supports your operations. MercuryGate offers a range of product education and training resources that can ensure your team has the knowledge needed to gain the most value from your MercuryGate solution set.

Put Our Product Education Resources to Work

Whether your goal is to supplement your current team’s product understanding or acquire new talent, MercuryGate’s product education resources will ensure your team has the right skills to be successful.

Fill Knowledge Gaps with Product Education

“Brain drain” can be a productivity killer for your organization. If your best, most knowledgeable employees leave, they might be taking critical understanding of your software products with them. Here are some common situations where MercuryGate product education resources can plug the brain drain and prevent knowledge loss on your team:

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