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Load Tendering & Booking Powered by Visibility & Automation

Real-Time Rates and Capacity Accelerate Procurement

Automate load tendering and booking and gain efficiency by instantly connecting your freight with the right equipment at your desired service level, including time-sensitive moves. Rely on multimodal freight rating and leverage capacity aggregated into one platform. There, your contract carriers, leading load boards, and our Digital Freight Marketplace offer real-time rates across all modes. Meanwhile, that same market awareness improves your strategic procurement decisions to protect margins on every shipment.

Gain Efficiency in Load Tendering & Freight Booking

Faster, Easier Load Tendering & Booking

Automate order creation and shipment tenders based on your dynamic rulesets. Once a tender is accepted, the TMS automatically books the shipment.

Visibility to Real-time Pricing & Capacity

Connect quickly with available capacity across all modes in one platform. Automate planning and execution on multi-leg, multi-stop, and single deliveries, including parcel and final mile.

Maximize Your Team Resources

Workflow-driven processes streamline load tendering & and booking, creating time to focus on larger initiatives. Custom rulesets mean newer team members add value with less training.

API-Powered Rating and Load Booking in Real-Time

MercuryGate’s Digital Freight Marketplace seamlessly connects shipments with capacity so freight managers and carriers and operate in a more efficient and market-competitive position. Using automation and intelligence, Digital Freight Marketplace helps shippers, 3PLs, LSPs, and Digital Freight Partners solve capacity challenges, while improving visibility current to market conditions.

Automated Booking and Load Tendering Across All Modes and Every Mile