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Intuitive freight booking and tendering: first to last mile

Instantly Access Real-Time Pricing and Capacity

Our transportation management platform has direct connectivity to dozens of load boards – aggregating available capacity to match your tender to a carrier that can meet your service requirements and target rate. Additionally, as any available capacity is added to the market, the MercuryGate TMS aggregates that capacity and makes it available to users on an ongoing basis.

Users can also send and tag tenders that are time-sensitive and match to carriers who are able to provide the service level needed.

Automated booking and tendering provide visibility into capacity in real time. Users can quickly get the right carrier, in the right mode, with the right equipment, at the right price, and at the right service level. All without spending time logging into multiple websites and public load boards.

Intuitive freight booking and load tendering

Gain Efficiency in Your Load Tendering and Booking

Faster, easier load tendering and booking

Find greater ease and effectiveness across all transportation modes with one platform. From multi-leg and multi-stop deliveries to single deliveries, including native parcel and final mile.

Visibility into real-time pricing and capacity 

See availability across every shipping mode. Our TMS will automate order creation and shipment tenders based on your dynamic rule sets. Once the tender is accepted, the TMS will automatically book the shipment.

Better management of your team resources

Unlike other freight booking software, every load managed within the MercuryGate TMS is guided by a workflow-driven process based on custom, dynamic rule sets. This means newer team members can add value with less training and gain time to focus on bigger initiatives.

Automated Booking and Load Tendering Across All Modes and Every Mile