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Collaboration Portals Maximize Stakeholder Visibility

Maintain Transparency with Carriers, Suppliers, and Customers

MercuryGate Smart Transportation delivers unparalleled transportation visibility and control through web-based collaboration portals for carriers, customers, and suppliers. By supporting awareness and seamless communications between your most important supply chain stakeholders, our collaboration portal solutions allow you to streamline internal workflows while improving service to end customers.

MercuryGate Collaboration Portals

What is a Carrier Portal?

A carrier portal allows shippers and carriers to collaborate in a single platform with all relevant information for every shipment – bookings/tenders, status updates, electronic documentation (POD, BOL, etc.), invoicing, and reporting.
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What is a Supplier Portal?

A supplier portal or vendor portal improves your visibility to inbound shipments and collaboration with third-party partners who can coordinate purchase orders, access invoices & payments, and quickly complete onboarding activities.
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What is a Customer Portal?

A TMS customer portal is a dedicated web portal that allows your customers to track and manage their shipments in real-time, eliminating expensive delays and communications.
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Carrier Portals: One Place for Communications, Invoicing, and Reporting

Shippers and carriers need quick, clear communications on every transaction detail – from bookings & tenders to equipment, service lanes, payment terms, and consolidated billing. Within MercuryGate TMS, seamless access between execution functions and the carrier portal streamlines procurement. Meanwhile, easy access through a web-browser enables participation among more carrier options.

Benefits for Shippers
Benefits for Carriers

Supplier Portals Keep Everyone Aligned Through Visibility

Supplier portal solutions allow greater visibility to inbound shipments and increase control across the shipment lifecycle – from first mile through the final mile. Vendors can see and interact with purchase orders, releases, receipts, invoices, and payments as needed. At the same time, every supplier portal is customizable, so you can build configurations that address priorities with suppliers and supply chain partners based on your business goals.

Benefits of a Supplier Portal

Supplier Collaboration
Align across teams to manage inbound shipments and plan next steps based on ETAs.
Communications and Consensus
Ensure all parties have visibility and access to financial agreements, contracts, terms & conditions.
Accelerate Supplier Onboarding
Empower supplier candidates to navigate assessment & onboarding, saving your time & resources.

Customer Portals Create Transparency and Maintain Security

A dedicated customer portal is a zero-friction way to share transportation information for each unique customer – without sacrificing privacy or security. By creating partitions between individual sets of customer data, logistics services providers can serve multiple clients, or shippers can manage deliveries across different divisions. In either application, customers quickly view shipping orders, quotes, tracking, and activity updates while you control which reports they can access.
Capabilities of a TMS Customer Portal

Build collaboration with carrier portal, customer portal & supplier portal