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Insightful, Data-Driven Shipment Intelligence

Use Shipment Intelligence For Smart Decision-Making

If you’ve worked in logistics for a long time, you may have developed a certain “sixth sense” about what lies ahead as far as shipment rates, network performance, or capacity availability. And while your gut may give you an edge, are you willing to hang your company’s reputation on a hunch? Probably not.

You know that you need hard metrics and data – true shipment intelligence – to validate what your intuition may be telling you OR to justify taking a new course if results aren’t as expected. MercuryGate delivers more than just shipment execution – going beyond delivery to provide the shipment intelligence needed to analyze cost, performance and risk in your supply chain.

Minimize Disruption and Improve Operations with Shipment Intelligence

Let Shipment Intelligence Support Strategic Growth

Just like data can reveal where improvement is needed, it can also shine a light on areas where performance is at its peak. Those carriers, suppliers, and customers that are high-performing may represent growth opportunities if their practices can be replicated across other departments, geographies, or product areas.

Our shipment intelligence capabilities help teams enable growth with:

Whether you are a new analyst or a seasoned pro, you know shipment intelligence begins with measure and reporting on results and key performance indicators. Get pre-built reports and dashboards that speed your analysis.

Extract data from the industry’s most comprehensive rating index that covers all modes, digital freight networks and historic rate tables for both contract and spot rates to ensure shipment costs and budgets are aligned.

Apply shipment intelligence by building performance scorecards for every carrier and customer to benchmark and assess strengths and areas of improvement to achieve operational goals.
Use shipment intelligence to minimize risk, align with stakeholders, and take proactive action with predictive analytics and ETAs that help avoid operational disruptions.

Unlock Peak Performance with Shipment Intelligence