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MercuryGate Transportation Management Systems

20-year history of solving customer TMS challenges and delivering value

MercuryGate Offers a Better Way To TMS

The transportation management system (TMS) marketplace typically forces you to choose between feature-rich systems that are hard to deploy and use and TMS lite solutions that lack the power to manage complexity. MercuryGate lets you transcend that tradeoff through our unique combination of power and usability to drive ROI that competitors can’t reach.

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Best practice Deployment and scalability are built in

MercuryGate enables users to rapidly deploy and configure their system to meet their business models today as well as tomorrow. The MercuryGate transportation management platform automates the full transportation life cycle across all modes, including natively built-in robust parcel capabilities.

For years we have worked closely with top tier third-party logistics providers (3PLs), shippers, brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders to develop a myriad of configuration options that can readily be applied to support business needs. And users have the capability to set up unique workflows and processes at a granular level – customer, carrier, vendor or business unit.

Animated Routing

Additional Features Showcase the Customization of the MercuryGate platform

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Point-and-Click Interface Enables Customization of Systems

While other TMS solutions require countless hours to customize workflows and dashboards, MercuryGate uses WYSIWYG-comparable functions to reduce delays in customization. The system requires one click to activate and deactivate fields and optimize efficiency.

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Configurable Workflows Reduce Labor Hours and Streamline Interactions
A baseline workflow easily conforms to your business processes. This means that even an inexperienced user can leverage guided resources to access core features and further customize interface views.
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System Agnostic Integration Reduces Barriers to Implementation
The MercuryGate TMS enables standard adaptors to all major ERP, visibility, and warehouse management systems. Built on open-standard architecture, MercuryGate focuses on transforming system updates and integration into a single click-away from today.
All Mode Rating Enables Cost Control

Rating each shipment across all modes gives your users the opportunity to review all rates, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSPs) to secure the best possible rate for each shipment.

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Access Time-Saving Transportation Management Tools

Carrier Compliance and Contract Management
Scaling available resources is necessary to grow, but it comes with added compliance concerns. Instead of hoping new carriers maintain compliance and adhere to contracts, guarantee it with MercuryGate’s time-saving platform. When things go wrong, use system data to increase negotiating power and force the arms of your carriers back into compliance.
Agent Delegation

Delegate subsets of workflow processes to trusted agents, while still maintaining full visibility. Agent delegation also plays a role in connecting the MercuryGate platform to third-party service providers, such as freight forwarders and brokers that may not always be in control of their freight and rely on carriers for information. It’s the ultimate way to bypass traditional carrier limitations and ensure maximum control over operations.

CRM Lite

MercuryGate also provides customer management to control credit risk and manage customer call logs. CRM Lite is a free benefit to all MercuryGate clients and gives more freedom to better manage interactions between clients and customers, a critical aspect for freight brokers, freight forwarders, LSPs, and other supply chain partners.

Master Customer Record

No other system can provide controlled visibility at all levels and a single view of customer data across a whole organization. Paired with indices, the master record gives your organization an opportunity to isolate costs per customer and better manage freight to meet customers’ changing demands.

Customer and Vendor Portals
Provide visibility to customers and vendors via a portal that can be deployed in minutes. Dedicated portals further reduce the need to constantly answer questions and review shipment status.

Achieve Total Transport Leverage

By focusing exclusively on TMS software for two decades, the MercuryGate architecture has evolved into a singularly streamlined platform for superior transport management. We call this Total Transport Leverage™ (TTL), the new standard in TMS logistics. Total Transport Leverage means you are effectively leveraging time, people, information, opportunity, efficiency and innovation for real bottom-line impact.  

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Turn Complexity Into Your Competitive Advantage

Manage freight across any mode of transportation – land, sea, or air. Handle inbound, outbound, inter-company, and returns. Ship to any part of the world or multiple geographies at the same time.
Key features include:
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MercuryGate supports all modes to ensure use of the most cost-effective mode for each shipment. The capability to support all modes also provides a way to meet or exceed required customer service levels.

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End-to-End Optimization

Best-in-class optimization of routes, rates, and processes yields greater overall efficiency for our customers.
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Brokered Freight and Contract Freight

MercuryGate enables management of all freight types, including brokered freight and contract carrier freight. Using a single platform solidifies a standard process across both types of transportation management solutions and eliminates the cost of buying and supporting two systems.
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Prioritized Exception Management

Built-in workflows hasten exception management to ensure users address the most critical issues first, allowing you to move forward with fewer disruptions and providing total network exception visibility into freight, carrier, and user performance.

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Dynamic Rule Sets

Designated users create their own business logic, leveraging the point-and-click interface, to support freight process customization. Dynamic rule sets let MercuryGate continuously adapt the interface to maximize value and ease of use. This enables users to extend the platform to meet unique business needs and future-proof the business,  allowing your organization to evolve and still meet the needs of customers regardless of industry trends and capabilities.

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Market Rate Index

The MercuryGate platform provides buy and sell rate information for all major modes, including truckload, less than truckload, intermodal, drayage, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and more. The use of indices help MercuryGate clients understand the appropriate rates for a given lane and benchmark rates to ensure the user gets the best rate possible, driving cost efficiency along the way.
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EDI Provisions

MercuryGate provides a suite of tools that includes electronic data interchange (EDI) and international Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) messaging for creating, changing, and validating shipments. Provisions further enable communications with carriers for bookings, managing cargo status, and estimated time of arrival for all modes. These tools enable global digital transportation management and provide a single view of messaging across the platform.
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Global Reach Capabilities

Multi-currency billing, time zones, integrated party screening, and interfaces to automated export system (AES) and customs and border patrol (CBP) make MercuryGate the only global TMS to efficiently handle loading meter, optimizing supply chain interactions around the globe. Meanwhile, personalization of system configurations enable end-to-end visibility and clear communications regardless of user location or culture.

Carrier management that carries the load

MercuryGate carrier management tools offer numerous exceptional features that holistically deliver significant advantages over our competitors, all while allowing you to do more with less. This includes easy-to-customize workflows and continuously working to get the best rate regardless of mode and timeline through the connected platform.
SaaS-Based System

The MercuryGate platform is accessible to all parties, enabling your team to manage hundreds and even thousands of carriers with precision, consistency, and maximum automation, regardless of location or access to carrier systems.

Qualified Carriers
Enjoy consistent and automatic vetting and qualification of carriers to manage liability risk, both at the carrier and load level, lowering your risk and maintaining compliance throughout your supply chain.

Procure rates from carriers and automatically create contracts, which is the fastest and easiest way to select qualified carriers. Faster contract negotiation and creation of leads means faster shipment tendering and faster delivery.

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