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Claims Portal Expedites Freight Claim Resolution & Recovery

Improve Freight Claims Efficiency and Limit Future Risk

MercuryGate Claims Management offers a portal to automation efficiency that delivers new cost savings to your bottom line. Integrated directly with your TMS, this settlement solution streamlines communications, reduces transaction costs, and improves your claims recovery rate. With MercuryMyEZClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim, you leverage technology to optimize your legacy freight claim processes and apply human resources to priority projects.

The freight damage claim process require the right documentation to recoup cost.

Freight Claims Settlement for
Every Logistics User


Shippers and 3PLs automate management processes for Loss & Damage Claims, OS&D Incidents, Overcharge Claims, Vendor Claims, and Return Authorization Requests. Built-in and customizable reporting helps identify and avoid freight claim trends.


Carriers manage claims in a cloud-based system where users quickly convert incident reports to claims, collect supporting client documentation, and track salvage details. Create customer claims portals to gain greater efficiency and improve experience.

Reduce Freight Claims Management Costs
Easy-to-access claims portal in your TMS limits time-consuming manual processes and centralizes data so you can dedicate resources to other priorities.
Automate Repetitive Activities
Schedule and automate labor-intensive communications while maintaining an electronic paper trail.
Eliminate Errors and Legacy Processes
Rely on electronic file efficiency and accuracy over manual entry, paper file management, and postage.
Centralize Documentation
Upload and store documents in a centralized platform for easy use in every claim communication.
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Set Administrative Controls
Assign and schedule tasks for users while restricting access as needed.
Customize Reports
Choose from 600+ freight claims reporting variables and create your custom intelligence.
Identify Claims Trends
Rely on automatic reporting and map visualizations to identify freight claim trends and avoid causes.
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Cut In Freight Claims Filing Costs
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Less Time Processing Freight Claims
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Fewer Open Claims

Calculate Your Savings with Claims Portal Integration

Calculate the savings you can achieve when our claims tools are integrated into your TMS. Use our easy tool to understand your current cost per claim and the projected annual savings with MercuryMyEZClaim.

Improve Freight Claims Efficiency and Limit Future Risk