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Order Management from Planning to Delivery

Automated Order Entry at Your Fingertips

Every order requires multiple touchpoints, and each touchpoint represents a potential for error. Without stringent order management rules or automated workflows, those errors could multiply across hundreds or even thousands of shipments per day. The MercuryGate TMS adopts an order-centric interface that enables users to filter by SKU and fulfillment status. Our order management functionality allows suppliers to release specific lines for shipping and track orders throughout the journey. In return, shippers select the right carrier at the right price based on real-time cost and service levels.

Add To Cart

Our Shipping Cart, TMS equivalent of shopping cart, makes it easier-than-ever to pick the items and quantities for shipping — managing orders quickly and efficiently.

Ditch the Paper Process of Order Management

Use the MercuryGate TMS to easily generate shipment documents, create templates, and access all documentation, such as invoices, POD requests, CMRs, and bills of lading (BOL).

Proactive Risk Mitigation
Identify potential documentation problems and develop solutions ahead of time to save expense and trouble.
Time Savings and Managing by Exception
The automated processes provided by TMS integration and document generation frees up management to focus on more critical processes and needs.
A Paperless Paper Trail
Instantly access any document related to any shipment – no more waiting for a photo to upload or an email attachment to arrive.
Enhanced Compliance with Documentation Requirements

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing all vital papers will automatically be recorded as required by law.

Manage Inbound Shipments with an Order-Centric TMS

Knowing the shipment location is only part of the customer satisfaction equation. That’s why the latest MercuryGate TMS updates feature new order-centric views that make it easier to check the status of both order and items in the fulfillment process.
Listen to Brad McPhail, senior product manager at MercuryGate, share how TMS users can leverage new order-centric interfaces to:

Leverage End-to-end Order Management