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Freight Settlement That Makes Dollars and Sense

Make Every Freight Settlement Function Count

No one likes leaving money on the table. And for logistics departments, efficiency extends beyond delivery and transportation operations into freight settlement functions as well. Transportation solutions that manage the end-to-end shipment lifecycle do more than unlock better operations. Accounting departments can process freight settlement transactions across multiple stakeholders to reduce manual errors and automate functions that may otherwise get overlooked; resulting in higher costs and missed revenue opportunities.

Reduce Manual Work And Errors With Freight Settlement Automation

Reclaim Lost Revenue With Freight Settlement Features

Once a shipment is delivered, what happens afterward could turn into a black hole. Basic, manual invoicing leaves room for errors, freight claims could eat into overall profits, and overlooking the audit process may lead to things like detention charges and accessorials driving up costs. Protect profitability by deploying MercuryGate freight settlement features across teams to improve service and financial performance.

MercuryGate’s freight settlement solutions help teams execute:

Automate repetitive accounting processes as part of your freight settlement procedures to speed payments and manage cash flow.
Improve freight settlement with streamlined cost allocation, auditing and accounting for faster payment and better accuracy.
Grow customer satisfaction by handling claims quickly and transparently to impact your bottom-line freight settlement.

Freight Settlement You Can Count On