Talking Logistics & MercuryGate – Maximizing TMS ROI

Talking Logistics & MercuryGate – Maximizing TMS ROI Image
Extracting value from a transportation management system (TMS) isn’t a one-time project. Companies have to institute an ongoing program to maximize the cost savings and efficiency that the system can provide.
Watch this episode of Talking Logistics, as Adrian Gonzalez, Talking Logistics, John Carey, MercuryGate and Al Toliver, Redwood Logistics, discuss the evolving transportation industry and how to capture the maximum value possible of your TMS while adapting to the changing landscape.
You also learn about the Logistics Integrator Program that Redwood Logistics and MercuryGate have launched to help companies looking to capture the benefits of a TMS without the added resources to manage the system internally.