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Let Your Carriers Self-Manage Billing Confirmations

What Is Carrier Self-Bill Functionality?

This innovative approach allows carriers to be paid at an agreed rate without having to invoice or create carrier-specific terms and documentation. You don’t have to issue paperwork or chase down anyone for payment confirmation or signatures.

Another benefit to self-bill and freight or carrier billing management is that a company does not have to perform audits, as the self-bill goes out according to the agreed-upon rate. This streamlines the entire process, reduces wasted time, and keeps everyone on the same page.

Carrier Self-Bill

Why Shippers Need Self-Billing Functionality in the TMS

Taking advantage of the full power of your TMS platform should be a primary goal. Carrier billing efficiency, including self-billing, can improve overall operations and functionality systems to improve end-to-end functionality. 

The software can be used to pay a carrier based on performance and grade level to ensure accurate, market-relevant rates, and optimal services at all times. Carrier self-billing capability speeds up the settlement process – no more waiting for invoices to be manually entered; the carrier finishes their load and moves to the next shipment.

The MercuryGate TMS is designed to enable a touchless process that starts on a predefined trigger event that generates the invoice, requests payment, and follows through when an exception occurs. This functionality eliminates the hassle of administrative work to help carriers focus more on moving freight faster and more effectively.

Streamline Invoice Processing with
Carrier Self-Billing

More accurate record-keeping
See exactly when the carrier submits their invoice directly in the TMS and store all relevant documents safely in the cloud.
Strengthen carrier relationships
Full transparency into the payment process creates trust with carriers.
Secure optimal rates

Ensure you get market-relevant rates by automating shipment rating within the TMS, and leveraging our powerful Freight Rate Index.

Improve operations
Free up staff to focus on more critical and essential processes and tasks by letting automation create a touchless invoicing process.

Better productivity and faster, more accurate billing from start to finish.