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Automate Freight Bill Audits and Payments for more Control

Leverage Data to Generate Significant Savings

How easy and efficient is it for you to audit and approve carrier invoicing? The sheer volume of information related to invoicing and payment makes manual validation of invoices and payments prohibitively time consuming. But if you don’t dig into the details, how can you know for certain that each invoice is accurate and valid for payment?

You can radically simplify the freight bill audit and payment process using advanced automation and reporting capabilities configured in the TMS to suit your business objectives.

Audit Carrier Invoicing

Gain Value From Automated Freight Payment Processes

What Is a Freight Bill Audit?

A freight bill audit involves the complete review and validation of invoiced charges for accuracy under the contract of carriage. Our platform makes the processes of freight payment, billing, and auditing easier and more reliable through dynamic rule sets and automated processing across all modes.

Rather than following every invoice error when a nominal deviation occurs, users can predefine the threshold at which a chargeback or claim is necessary. This reduces the amount of work in auditing invoices and effectively lets a user determine when an error is not worth the time to correct.

Effective Freight Audit And Prompt Payment

You no longer have to choose between unaudited invoice approval and the time-consuming process of manually validating invoices to be confident you are paying for what you ship. Automating your audit and freight payment processing can help break the cycle of manual, time-consuming, repetitive work.

Once carrier invoices are properly approved, the system automatically creates customer invoices and attaches the right paperwork to the invoice. In other words, your customers are more likely to pay their invoices faster and in full. Of course, errors can and do occur, but with preset thresholds for variances, your team can focus on what really matters, avoiding the high-cost errors and maximizing efficiency in submitting chargebacks or authorizing payment. Users can also easily create individual bills or consolidate existing bills to hasten payment settlement.

Streamline Freight Payment Billing and Auditing with Leading Edge Technology