Retail Shipping: Solve 5 Inbound Shipping Challenges

Inbound transportation management is integral to retail shipping cost control.

Successful retail shipping logistics and planning require attention to inbound shipping. That’s why industry leaders and shipping experts are considering innovative strategies to deal with the potential transportation problems. Flexibility and adaptability are essential to ongoing recovery and success.

According to data from The Logistics of Logistics, these strategies include expanding networks (56%), forming long-term contracts (38%), and optimizing delivery strategies. Additionally:

  • Nearly 38% of respondents said they were improving their shipping procedures early in 2022.
  • 25% were using alternative shipment routes.
  • Almost 19% were looking for long-term carrier relationships.
Let’s examine the five biggest challenges in inbound retail shipping and identify how the right partner provides effective technology solutions.

1. Poor End-to-End Visibility Within the Supply Chain

One of the biggest challenges facing retail shipping service providers is poor visibility for inbound freight and other supply chain operations. Without real-time visibility, the most fundamental processes and steps are complicated and prone to error. Mastering the logistics of inbound shipping depends on solid visibility and insight into the many daily operations and logistical procedures occurring across the transportation network.

2. Lack of Real-Time Control Over Retail Shipping Schedules, Routes, and Rates

Retail shipping services depend on real-time insights, solid control, and navigation of transportation services and procedures. Monitoring and reacting in real-time are essential to smooth inbound shipping processes. When issues arise with retail trucking and delivery services, it often comes down to poor control over costs, methods, and benefits.

3. Failure to Plan for Rising Freight, Fuel, and Driver Costs

Careful planning is critical to smooth shipping and smart transportation in the retail industry. Rising costs, including fuel, shipping, and driver-related expenses, heavily impact retail inbound shipping. Optimizing retail shipping services depends on close and careful financial management.

4. Reliance on Outdated Tools and Manual Processes

Failure to see the benefits of automation and a reluctance to use modern tools and technology to improve shipping services encumbers shippers significantly. Manual processes become inefficient in keeping up with the high-pressure demands of inbound retail shipping and key transportation processes.

5. Difficulty Managing Disparate Data Streams and Sources

Another inbound retail shipping challenge that shippers must overcome is effectively managing diverse data streams, information, and insights. Without an understanding of data and metrics, supply chain logistics remains fractured and weak. Even the best retail transportation strategies will continue struggling with saving time and money.

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Overcome Inbound Retail Shipping Challenges With MercuryGate

Few things are more specific to freight management than change and disruption. Between the costs involved with the shipping and related services and the ongoing pressure for faster and more reliable options, the need for focused retail trucking and delivery has never been higher.

Retail shippers need to know what they’re up against, what current market trends dictate, what customers expect and anticipate, and what obstacles they will face with every load from the first mile to the final-mile delivery.

The right partnership can make all the difference and allow shippers to focus on logistics and management rather than worrying about tiny pieces of data and every mundane process. An excellent retail service provider offers shippers the solutions and the means of handling the sudden demands and rising costs related to inbound transportation.

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