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Maintain Product Integrity and Compliance

Communicate product quality, safety, and compliance requirements, validate results, and improve processes.

Alleviate Growing Risk in Product Integrity & Compliance

International product sourcing demands are complex, and the importer’s path from source to shelf is fraught with safety, quality, and compliance hazards. One failure could spur significant financial penalties and irrevocable damage to your company’s reputation.

To navigate corporate and regulatory requirements, you need effective communication between your enterprise, suppliers, and service providers. With MercuryGate’s Product Integrity and Compliance solution, you can rely on automation and a systematic approach that alleviates risk while enhancing productivity.

Gain Efficiency and Control with Standardized Processes

Working alongside Global Sourcing, MercuryGate’s hosted module addresses your product integrity and compliance challenges by replacing offline, manual methods with the latest cloud-based technology applications.
Spending more time and effort on product integrity and compliance means lower profitability. Systematic automation through MercuryGate’s solution allows you to streamline activities and reduce labor while strengthening your overall compliance to avoid risk exposure.

Maximize Product Integrity and Compliance Benefits

Improve Product Integrity Results
Standardize best practices and collaboration for product quality, safety, and compliance activities to improve the scope, accuracy, and integrity of product inspection and testing.
Reduce Communication Friction

Filter and share actionable requirements and results with easy-to-use dashboards and enterprise reporting tools you can access from anywhere.

Support Better Decisions
Establish a centralized, online information source for analysis, planning, and decision-making support.
Control Product Integrity and Compliance Costs
Lower costs of assurance and compliance programs through improved efficiency and insight.
Manage Organizational Risk
Minimize the threat of financial and reputational damage through automated monitoring, measurement, and validation of each product’s quality, safety, and compliance.

Validate Order Compliance Before Shipment and Reduce Risk

The integrity of your product, brand, and reputation increasingly depends on internationally sourced elements from suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and service providers. Watch this webinar to learn how MercuryGate helps you overcome product integrity challenges by using a compliance management tool that validates your organizational requirements before an order is authorized for shipment.

MercuryGate Product Integrity and Compliance Features

MercuryGate technology allows you to directly integrate product quality, safety, and compliance activities to improve the accuracy and integrity of audits, tests, inspections, and certifications collected. Meanwhile, all information is automatically reconciled to your suppliers, factories, orders, and sourced items, so you enjoy a faster, more reliable, and cost-efficient way to ensure every product complies with your requirements.   

Assign & Communicate
Assign product integrity and compliance requirements, then distribute email alert notifications to internal recipients, suppliers, and service providers.
Automate & Process
Automate and digitize work requests for inspections and lab tests; process corrective action results from monitoring, measurement; and program reconciliation by order, item, and supplier.
Collect & Centralize
Collect online inspection, lab test results, and booking confirmations, then centralize in an accessible and secure repository all documentation supporting review, analysis, and planning activities.
Access & Analyze
Access business intelligence reporting for review, analysis, and decision support, or tap into advanced analytics for visualization and awareness of trends and opportunities.

Alleviate Growing Risk in Product Integrity & Compliance