Webinar: Building a Business Case for Freight Claim Management

On average, 1% of total shipments result in a claim. Factor in claim increases fueled by growing e-commerce demand, capacity constraints, and driver shortages … can your business afford to sustain the cost of unresolved claims?

Effective freight claim management can significantly impact your bottom-line performance since most claims take 30-120 days to recover, and many are denied due to insufficient evidence.

Watch this webinar to discover how MercuryMyEZClaim helps manage freight claims through best practices and automation. Freight claim management experts Patrick Anglim and Mary Ann Krevh share advice to help you build a business case for improving freight claim management in your business.

Featured during MecuryGate Velocity 2022, this presentation offers a brief tech demo and highlights:

Learn why businesses relied on MercuryMyEZClaim to file 645,000 claims worth $1.4 billion during 2021. Watch the webinar and start building a business case for freight claim management technology in your business.

Watch The Webinar