MercuryGate Sets The Standard For the Future of Transportation Management Systems: Evolving From Smart Systems to Intelligent Management

Company Leaders Articulate Visionary Future of Transportation Management with Integrated Visibility and Execution in a Unified Platform

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – November 9, 2022 – The message was clear. At its Velocity 2022 user conference, MercuryGate, the largest, dedicated transportation management system (TMS) provider, set a new standard for the future of TMS: a unified system that combines end-to-end shipment lifecycle visibility with actionable execution layers to speed reaction to exceptions and build true logistics intelligence.

“MercuryGate will be the first platform that creates full transparency to the shipment journey by bringing together real-time, predictive data and the ability to take preemptive action in one place,” said MercuryGate President & CEO Joe Juliano. “No longer will customers face a lack of transparency which has always plagued supply chains because most software exists as stand-alone, disparate systems.”
MercuryGate Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Blough added: “Smart is where we are today. Intelligent is where we are going. Using continuous data inputs and automating responses based on those inputs enables the platform to not only react to what is happening now, but also use self-learning algorithms to predict what is coming to generate logistics intelligence.”
Over the past year, MercuryGate has delivered to the market several new product development features in support of this larger, intelligent vision – laying the groundwork for a holistic strategy aimed at streamlining complexity, enabling efficiency and enhancing sustainability in supply chains, including:
  • A map view Control Tower which enables users to visualize and drill down to shipment-level details by physical location;
  • A single, modernized user interface that simplifies the user experience across all device types; and
  • Order-centric grid view and shipping cart that collects, filters and allows mass action on multiple orders and automates shipping release when each order is ready.
Juliano also announced significant steps toward achieving this holistic vision with the expansion of ocean freight procurement, product sourcing compliance and real-time shipment visibility capabilities from first-to-final mile with the acquisition of ClearTrack Information Network.
This broadened solution set available through a single provider will help MercuryGate customers simplify their transportation management, manage costs, prevent risk and increase sustainability.
“There is increasing demand for accountability to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals in supply chains,” said Blough. “The supplier sourcing documentation management capabilities gained with ClearTrack provide a well-defined process and accounting for product standards ranging from quality and safety to regulatory and social compliance of suppliers.”

Learn more about MercuryGate’s product vision by watching the keynote address from Velocity 2022.

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