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True feature-Rich cloud deployment

MercuryGate built our unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform from the ground up to provide comprehensive freight and transportation management. A multi-tenant hosted portal environment enables access for transportation management system (TMS) users through your customers. With unique configurations and while still delivering world-class adaptability and performance, our solution is the most capable transportation architecture in the marketplace. It possesses the singular power and flexibility to serve third-party logistics providers (3PLs), brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers on the same platform.

The flexibility to align to your business operations

MercuryGate designed the transportation management platform to enable your business processes and to avoid constraining them to our system. Over years of working side-by-side with top tier 3PLs, brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers, we’ve developed an extensive array of configuration options that can be rapidly applied to your business needs. Set up unique workflows and processes at any level to reduce inefficiencies and gain more ROI.

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Insert Business Logic Via A Point-And-Click Interface

Easily add new capabilities faster and without advanced coding know-how with dynamic rule sets and a point-and-click interface. The majority of the business logic resides within the database, which isolates business options from compiled code by MercuryGate programmers. This approach increases stability, flexibility, adaptability, and capability.

Being the most connected TMS in the market our customers collectively managing over 100k carrier connections. Another benefit of being the world's largest SaaS based transportation platform.


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SaaS Security For A More Complete TMS Platform

Data defense, application security, physical protection as well as onsite protections, and operational management are the focus for our security best practices. Two decades of knowledge in platform security has resulted in a comprehensive and thoroughly tested security program. We combine policies and procedures with physical and logical security controls, with a complete compliance program for national and international requirements.

System-Agnostic Integrations Promote Individuality Among Supply Chain Deployments

Standard adaptors to all major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, visibility, and warehouse management systems allow you to connect the platform to external systems easily and effectively. Configurable integration templates enable custom integrations to various third-party providers. Our system-agnostic approach also lets the platform communicate with additional systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, carrier web-service, and traditional TMS providers, providing more value and lowering barriers to efficiency.

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Welcome to the last TMS you’ll ever need

Our cloud-based, multi-tenant platform enables lifetime flexibility and scalability. The platform’s architecture and use of a single code base, making it easier to add functionality, accommodate changes in the supply chain and internationalize with no disruption to business operations. Unlike other SaaS providers, the MercuryGate transportation platform allows each customer to decide when to add more functionality within the system. Users can select who receives the functionality within the hierarchy — from the vendor through your customer — so users are in charge of when and how they onboard functionality to meet their changing business needs.

Reliable fault tolerance infrastructure

With over $60B USD in freight under management, the platform processes approximately 120 million loads per year and 70 million transaction files per month. Extrapolating critical needs from billions of executions, MercuryGate ensures you can meet expanding usage with a highly reliable, fault-tolerant infrastructure that comprises two unique hosting grids powering enterprise-class servers, leveraging high-availability communications and application load balancing. The result is 99.996% uptime to end disruptions once and for all.

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