True multimodal optimization for the ultimate advantage

Unmatched visibility for industry-Leading multimodal optimization

Make your multimodal transportation planning a true competitive advantage. Whether shipping by land, sea, air, or a multi-leg combination of all three, MercuryGate can empower your team to optimize with ease and confidence. Our omnimodal system tracks multi-leg data at both an aggregate and granular level, offering unprecedented visibility. Each leg can be optimized and rated separately, enabling customers to maximize service and minimize cost at a level most transportation solutions cannot match.

why optimization is paramount to success during a disrupted Supply chain

The intelligence to manage all modes all the time

There’s a big difference between simply consolidating loads and true multimodal optimizing. Some multimodal moves can be so varied that consolidation isn’t the right answer. Multi-box parcel on certain lanes may be less expensive than via less-than-truckload (LTL). The opposite might be true on other lanes. MercuryGate enables multimodal optimization as well as simple consolidation. We book, plan, and execute capacity from road (TL, LTL), rail, ocean, air, intermodal, and parcel—based on the best freight rate available.
Manage inbound, outbound, intercompany, and returns with our platform. Ship to any part of the world or multiple geographies at the same time. Understand your transportation holistically across the entire transportation network to maximize performance and efficiency.

Our user-Friendly system tracks data across the entire supply chain:

  • With multimodal options for rail and ocean, customers can move freight at a lower cost than using a door-to-door provider.
  • Air rates with multimodal options leverage cartage agents to provide transit options to our customers. This allows them to choose the appropriate airport based on flight schedules and cartage costs.
  • All dependencies, including any exceptions of one leg impacting other legs, can be tracked at both granular and aggregate levels of detail.
  • Multi-leg shipments that will be repeated can be saved as a template and re-created when necessary.
  • All costs of complex multi-leg shipments are considered and recorded so the total landed cost is determined and available for analysis.
  • Cost allocation across multiple carriers and customers/business units/cost centers is appropriately recorded.

Find how MercuryGate can enable your multimodal optimization at unsurpassed levels of accuracy and efficiency