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Developing a uniquely powerful and usable transportation management system (TMS) to drive game-changing optimizations, operational efficiencies, and risk mitigation has been our focus at MercuryGate for over two decades. But state-of-the-art functionality alone does not determine the real business value of a TMS. Like any advanced software solution, real TMS value is often determined by how rapidly and effectively the TMS is implemented. This means delivering not just features, but results. That’s why MercuryGate has leveraged years of experience in TMS to develop its unique Value Acceleration Services methodology that is unmatched in the marketplace.

See the value of the TMS for yourself

MercuryGate conducts a three-layer implementation designed to deliver speed to value and the right scalability for each client. This can be done either 100% remotely or on-site at client facilities, or a combination of the two.


Remote Implementation Available

MercuryGate’s Value Acceleration Services experience

Collectively enable superior speed to value and ongoing value realization:
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Accelerating Your Time To Value
The faster you can get up and running on your TMS, the sooner you start realizing cost savings, productivity improvements, and optimization. Unfortunately, most TMS vendors keep you waiting to gain access to real functionality. MercuryGate minimizes the lag time through a highly integrated approach, the superior expertise of our services team, and an extensive, ready-to-use body of proprietary tools. We call this our Value Acceleration Services methodology (VAS). From evaluation to implementation to ongoing support and enhancement, VAS raises your speed to value and positions you for continued gains moving ahead.
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Collaborative Solution Evaluation 
What TMS functionality should you buy? How can you be clear on what you’re actually purchasing and why? Typical TMS acquisition can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. The lack of guidance along the way can make it even harder, and you still may not zero in on the functionality you really need. We don’t use the technical jargon that gets the salespeople and businesspeople lost. We ask the business questions: “What do you want to be able to do? What business problems are you solving for?” The result is a more realistic pricing estimate, which more accurately reflects the capabilities you need now.
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Ensuring Your SOW Is Fully Functional
We work with our clients to select from MercuryGate’s menu of more than 300 industry-tested user stories, which succinctly describe each piece of standard or advanced TMS functionality. These user stories are far more than just discussion tools. They become a contractual component of the upcoming implementation and form the “blueprint” for moving forward. The user stories are written in terms of executing transportation management activities. This means any member of the transportation management team can clearly understand the specific functionality they will be including in their TMS.
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Education When You Need It
Our learning continuum gives the client access to the right educational tools for each step of their journey. This enables team members to become familiar with the TMS incrementally as needed through Micro-Learning Modules (MLM) and hands-on practice. The 2-minute to 5-minute online MLMs provide the just-in-time guidance required to make all levels of the team productive as they engage with more and more functionality. By delivering and pacing education this way, we avoid overwhelming your team with new information while still providing the knowledge you need to drive value. This provides a highly effective but low-stress acceleration of the learning curve at the pace that is right for the user.
Launch Faster, More Effectively With Best Practices
We save you a lot of time and trouble by providing a solid functionality base defined by best practices, which can be rapidly deployed. These best-practice configurations have been developed and tested over time to serve your most immediate needs. Rigorously evaluated for efficacy and templatized for easy, efficient application, this best-practices-based installation lets you install some master data and start tendering loads within a week. We can then build on that foundation to enable more advanced and individualized capabilities in an equally streamlined manner.
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Remote Implementation For Safety And Efficiency
MercuryGate has long been performing remote installations for geographically dispersed clients even before the COVID-19 pandemic. We are well equipped to deliver the same Value Acceleration Services advantage to clients in a remote implementation of the MercuryGate TMS as in an onsite implementation. And unlike other firms, our learning program is virtual, with no need to sit in a classroom. Protect your people while minimizing disruption to the enterprise. Reduce travel time and expense while gaining all the benefits of a full deployment through collaboration, education, and service excellence.
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Hassle-Free Support
Our Hassle-Free Support provides 100% support for all TMS functionality deployed. This includes 24/7/365 phone line with a live representative from the MercuryGate team. A single dedicated support team representative owns an issue from start to finish. We’ve mapped skill sets and areas of expertise across our organization and can directly tap into specific analysts with expertise to address the type of issue presented. While other SaaS support teams typically have to pass a ticket on to each functional area and wait for a response, our client-focused support structure delivers deeper answers faster. The result is better support without the hassle.
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Ongoing Value Realization
Regular new system releases offer functionality enhancements, along with a Micro-Learning Module to rapidly apply them. In addition, by conducting recurring health checks, the MercuryGate team can help ensure client systems are performing well and positioned to deliver ongoing value at maximum efficiency. The Periodic Business Review (PBR) offers a more strategic discussion between MercuryGate and the client, to ensure the TMS is delivering value aligned with your evolving business goals. The MercuryGate core system can be easily scaled to support changes in your business model and meet growth objectives. Far from a static solution, MercuryGate delivers ongoing value that helps drive your business forward.
A Comprehensive, proven methodology to enable and accelerate TMS value
Within the TMS industry, claims of effective service and support are standard. All the full-power solutions promise to take care of their customers, and well they should. But value is driven by more than just good intentions. To truly maximize TMS performance from the beginning, and to maintain and expand that positive impact over time, requires an end-to-end service strategy that raises everyone’s game. That’s why we created our Value Acceleration Services methodology.

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