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The architecture of excellence – powerful, flexible, reliable

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Purpose-Built architecture to empower transportation teams with superior leverage

Unlike other transportation management system (TMS) providers, MercuryGate has invested solely in transportation technology, continually honing our expertise for almost 20 years. This ongoing street-level learning has been applied to our unified, purpose-built architecture to empower transportation teams with superior leverage for achieving their objectives.

MercuryGate’s cloud computing architecture delivers exceptional performance and simplicity by running on a single code base to support our “multi-everything” capabilities natively. This allows for system-agnostic integration, fewer clicks to perform more tasks, easier upgrades to the latest advancements, 24/7 support, and 99.996% uptime reliability from our own data center.

Dedicated and multi-tenant installations use this same code base, making releases faster and simpler. And, the MercuryGate platform supports multi-threading for high-speed loading of transaction data. No wonder the most technologically sophisticated shippers rely on this architecture.

Learn how the TMS architecture attributes of power and usability combine to complete an end-to-end omnichannel optimization solution.

MercuryGate Possesses a TMS architecture That Scales to Your Ambitions

With an automated load balancing and multi-server infrastructure, the MercuryGate platform automatically scales applications to meet demand and performance requirements. It’s truly the last TMS you’ll ever need to purchase. This cloud-based, multi-tenant platform scales easily to deliver increased capacity as an organization requires it. And automatic, regular upgrades ensure you have access to the latest version and functions. TMS users gain access to new capabilities through the refreshed, upgraded software, guaranteeing client operations remain highly current.

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Easily Implement and Enhance Your TMS Performance

The architecture allows for easy standardization across business sectors and includes native carrier compliance management, market index, and other features that typically are harder to access through add-on modules in other TMS solutions. End-to-end optimization of route, rate, and process yields greater efficiencies, and superior business intelligence and analytics give decision-makers the power to avoid risk and seize the opportunity. These analytics feed back into the platform, so the MercuryGate solution learns the best way to manage freight processes moving forward.

Embedded business intelligence

By embedding business intelligence into our solution suite, you gain more power to manage and analyze data. You no longer have to create data cubes or manipulate data for a data warehouse. The platform processes significantly more data at faster speeds than current in-memory applications and works across any device: desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The platform goes further than only providing key performance indicators (KPIs); it also feeds critical business intelligence back into the system, enabling machine learning.

Feel more confident with a TMS platform you know is working for you. There is no time in today's busy world to worry if you are going to be moving freight on-time or be stuck waiting for your management platform to connect. Trust the reliability of the MercuryGate platform. Our 99.996% uptime connectivity guarantees you are ready for the day's challenges.


Server Uptime

Measure the ROI value you gain from our TMS Platform

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Integrates With All Major Supply Chain Systems

Connect the platform to virtually any external supply chain system via an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) to immediately manage a variety of standard business processes. Configurable integration templates enable integrations to your third-party providers. This system-agnostic approach also enables the platform to communicate with additional business’ systems, including customer relationship management  (CRM), accounting, carrier web-service, warehouse management, and other traditional TMS providers.

See the purpose behind our purpose-built architecture

The MercuryGate TMS’s power and usability combine within the unique purpose-built SaaS architecture. To learn how 20 years of honing logistics performance works, watch the full webinar.

Diverse Resources to Promote Adoption of the MercuryGate Platform

Three primary forces combine to enable faster and more efficient use of the MercuryGate platform, including a couple that work to improve compliance management as well.
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Serving All Transportation Players​

The MercuryGate architecture has the unique ability to support third-party logistics providers (3PLs), brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers. As a multi-tier architecture, our platform enables simultaneous deployments with configurations customized for each client’s requirements and business model. Similarly, 3PL firms and brokers can deploy multiple clients in the same environment to service the different needs and configurations of their customers.
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Aligned to your business processes

Select from a myriad of configuration options that are ready for use to meet your business needs. Create unique workflows and processes at the granular level of customer, carrier, vendor, or business unit. All portlets and user interface components have configuration wizards at the field level.

Strict security compliance

1.3 million of the world’s largest globalized businesses depend on our platform, including many publicly traded companies that require strict security compliance by law. The MercuryGate platform is hosted in SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II-certified hosting facilities. Independent auditors have also certified that MercuryGate conforms to Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001:2013.

Learn How the MercuryGate Platform Architecture Can Give You Industry-Leading Transportation Leverage