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Simplifying Transportation Management

Optimize the Entire Shipment Life Cycle

Managing freight transportation is not easy – the last thing you need is systems and technology that compound the difficulty! Making transportation management simple, sustainable, and intuitive is at the core of MercuryGate’s philosophy. When we set out to design the industry’s most intuitive TMS, we did it with full life-cycle capabilities in mind. From initial load planning to shipment execution and delivery, to freight billing and audit to analytics and insights, the Mercurygate transportation management platform can be applied to all business areas to streamline operations, uncover cost savings and increase productivity.

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Removing Deployment Roadblocks

Starting strong helps keep everyone motivated. The SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture of the MercuryGate platform ensures that our new customers start with a solid foundation. Multi-tenant hosted portal environments enable appropriate levels of access to TMS capabilities across your entire transportation network – from operational users to back-office employees, customers and carriers. This access and visibility keeps everyone on the same page and working toward the same goals. Whether you are a shipper, 3PL, broker or carrier, the MercuryGate platform can be configured to fit your unique business model without any costly customization or coding requirements in most cases.

Uncompromising Security

We understand that your most valuable business asset is your data – and we go to great lengths to protect the data housed inside the MercuryGate platform. Our comprehensive and thoroughly tested privacy shield framework combines policies and procedures with physical and logical security controls to create solid barriers between your data and those who may wish to compromise it.

Our information compliance program meets all national and international requirements for data protection and MercuryGate is the only pure TMS provider that has achieved SOC (Security Operations Control) 2 compliance. All hosted data is encrypted and backups of all records, project documents, and other critical business information are completed on a defined schedule and replicated across a secure, high-speed circuit to our disaster recovery data center.

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Automate the back office

Free your team to focus on securing more customers and addressing strategic issues while generating real gains for your company – and leave the time-consuming, manual tasks to MercuryGate. Our automated freight settlement processes use real-time auditing analytics to validate invoice data, authorize payment, initiate ACH transfers, and generate receipts to applicable companies. This reduces the delays in making and receiving payments, which helps you build stronger relationships and handle more transportation management business without significantly increasing head count.

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Built for Transportation, by Transportation Experts

Every TMS should be built for transportation, right? Not necessarily. Often TMS software is bundled with a bigger software offering that may include an ERP, CRM, WMS, YMS… and a lot of other letters in the alphabet! So, what does that mean for your freight?

It might mean that your software bundle was not built specifically for transportation management. And if that is the case, are you getting the most value for your investment? Can your ERP-based software intuitively manage exceptions? Can your WMS optimize inbound shipments as well as outbound?

MercuryGate TMS was built ONLY for transportation and has been our sole focus for more than two decades. Transportation is not an afterthought for us – it is all we do.

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