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Transportation automation is rapidly advancing. The key is to access the right technology for your team now, as well as to stay ahead moving forward. MercuryGate has been innovating the industry for over two decades. We know how to apply technological enhancement to real world business needs. We also understand the most pressing priorities for transportation teams looking ahead. That’s why we’re focused on the most critical areas of innovation, including visibility, scalability, optimization, analytics, and machine learning. By choosing MercuryGate, you gain not only the most current innovations today, but continuous advancement for tomorrow.

Look forward to exceptional visibility

Mitigate risk and maximize opportunity with MercuryGate’s superior visibility capabilities. Address unexpected issues like delays, added costs, and billing issues. Turn potential problems into data-driven solutions that enable greater efficiency. Our visibility tools are easy to use, making your team more dynamic and effective.
These include full control tower functionality, mobile communications, next generation customer, carrier, and vendor portals, and comprehensive last mile capabilities. You can’t manage what you can’t see. MercuryGate’s end-to-end visibility keeps you in the know for better decisions now and down the road.
MercuryGate TMS Visibility

Access industry-leading optimization

Many transportation management system (TMS) solutions offer some kind of optimization. The challenge is finding optimization that extends throughout the supply chain and uses the most current data, rather than outdated modeling information.
MercuryGate’s optimization is truly multimodal. Whether shipping by land, sea, air, or a combination of all three, MercuryGate enables you to optimize with speed and accuracy. You can also track data at both aggregate and granular levels, so that you’re using the most relevant and current data available.
Optimize and rate each leg separately to maximize service and minimize cost to a depth others can’t match. The proof is in the outcomes.
Animated Delivery Points

We scale with your success

The MercuryGate platform is uniquely architected to scale with your needs. Start with a single division, and extend easily into the enterprise. As your organization grows, or you seek to extend our industry-leading automation throughout the organization, our single code base makes it easy.

This cloud-based, multi-tenant platform delivers flexibility and scalability that is virtually unlimited. We can support changes in the supply chain and internationalize with no disruption to business operations. As your business model evolves, the MercuryGate TMS enables your innovation rather than constraining it.

Embedded Analytics to keep you current

Good decisions in transportation rely on updated data. But traditional data analysis tools don’t always provide a complete and current picture. This leads to faulty responses and missed opportunity.
MercuryGate uses embedded analytics to analyze existing data in operational real time. It then applies the most current and relevant data to the decision process. Users can easily enter real-time queries against their data in response to specific issues. This equips decision makers with the relevant data they need to make the right choices moving forward. Because you’re only as smart as the analytics you can access when you need them.

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Tap into continuous advancement through machine learning

The MercuryGate platform is the product of over two decades of dedicated transportation focus. Now, through machine learning, that improvement curve is only accelerating. MercuryGate automates the shipping for over 1.3 million of the world’s largest globalized businesses.
With more than $60B USD in freight under management, our platform processes approximately 120 million loads per year and 70 million transaction files per month. This industry-leading volume drives opportunities to identify correlations and patterns within data you can use to improve profitability and enhance transportation management. As we move further into leveraging artificial intelligence, our customers gain even greater advantages in the marketplace.

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