Business Intelligence

MercuryGate’s business intelligence for transportation management delivers superior speed, depth of detail, and ease of use

Industry-Leading Intelligence and Data Warehousing for Transportation

MercuryGate’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution is built for superior speed and depth of analysis. Our BI enables rapid access to mission-critical transportation management data. Users can share reports and make better decisions to improve business outcomes based on data, not assumption.

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Business Intelligence to Make Your Bottom Line Smarter

Embedded business intelligence capabilities enable data-driven decision making. MercuryGate’s BI gives users the power to analyze performance across physical barriers and manage operations. With easily accessible data, users can also make more insightful decisions on a daily basis.

The platform processes 100x more data without limiting access across devices; users can access data on the go across smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Continuous access to data and rapid processing are critical to maximizing profitability.

Discover the ROI value gained from TMS Business Intelligence

Powerful Transportation Management Analytics for Faster Intervention

With our combined power and usability, MercuryGate makes transportation management analytics more powerful and simple to attain than ever.
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Integral Reporting Engine
Gain real-time reporting against all major transportation management system (TMS) objects. Create on-demand reports, or users may add to a schedule for distribution. Most traditional TMS solutions have either an add-on reporting engine or none at all. They effectively force users to find and implement their own reporting capabilities. It’s also common for larger solutions to lack real-time reporting entirely.
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Unlimited Customizable Reports
Create the most relevant, meaningful, and customized reports to unlock more value. Although there are many default reports, you can develop custom reports on the fly with the easy-to-use interface.
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New Data Insights
Combine internal data with external data sources to expand the scope of analysis and deliver more value. More data means more value and opportunities to avoid disruption through intervention.
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True Data Warehouse Capabilities
Keep analytics data separate from execution data without hiring resources to maintain data troves. Use our intelligence to perform embedded analytics to guide the robotics process automation (RPA) and drive gains in efficiency and automation.
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Execution Data

Access to execution data provides valuable operational information. MercuryGate’s business intelligence also delivers more strategic insights, including elements such as user productivity, process throughput, issues by location, and more.

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Logistics Analytics
Perform advanced analytics with a point-and-click interface, quickly identifying summaries, exceptions, and anomalies. Reports can be scheduled as needed to further reduce time to information.

State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Tool Functions

Advanced functions provide more insight into data and reduce data loss for users.

Advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Made Accessible

Avoid risk and proactively seize opportunities with data-driven accuracy that was previously unavailable. Data can be embedded into processes to improve the overall effectiveness of routes using historical transit information, as well as other data. Users can also enhance the optimizer to factor unique constraints when considering routes.

Reports, dashboards, and impressive visualization tools transform real-time terabyte-scale analytics into shareable, digestible bits. Faster modeling through drag-and-drop data further streamlines reporting, enabling data-driven decision making.

Gain more meaningful modeling of partner data as well. This includes scheduling data to afford more enriched views of available, allocated, and committed capacity when modelling constraints.

Through machine learning, the MercuryGate transportation management platform not only provides key performance indicators (KPIs), but it also feeds critical business intelligence back into the system. The goal is simple: more data, more connection, more value proposition, and more functionality contributes to cost-efficient, automated, and seamless transportation management.

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