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Prioritize Final Mile Delivery Service

Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Powers Final Mile Experience

Every mile in the freight transportation journey affects your customer’s experience – and your bottom line. But Final Mile moves are the most expensive, time-consuming, and visible to your customers.

MercuryGate’s Final Mile technology ensures you meet service expectations while controlling costs and maximizing resources from the first mile to the end delivery. With our vehicle routing and scheduling software, you know every shipment follows the best route, avoids delays during changing conditions, and delivers the best last mile experience.

Route This Way: Calculate Your Potential Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Savings

Stretch every budget when you can automatically choose the best routes and schedules for your drivers. Answer 5 simple questions to get to your savings destination.

Benefits of Final Mile Vehicle Routing & Scheduling

Route & Asset Optimization 
Complete the most deliveries with the fewest miles, vehicles, and drivers.
Improved Productivity

Centralize vehicle dispatch and automate workflows to maximize final mile resources.

Real-Time Shipment Access

Track shipment ETAs, make operational changes, and monitor proof of delivery.

Multimodal Shipment Visibility
Monitor shipments across all modes, from foreign port to the end customer’s door.
Dynamic Rerouting

Adjust to unexpected travel and delivery conditions with automated route correction.

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Comprehensive Security Controls
Protect customer data within a security program that meets the highest standards.
Customers Leveraging Last Mile Optimization
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Last Mile Freight Under Management
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Parcel Transportation Managed

Optimize Service in Every Mile –
First, Middle, and Last Mile

Cost control begins in the first mile of your shipment’s journey. The end customer’s experience depends on how your last mile management measures up. Between the two, the middle mile offers your transportation operation the most potential for automation and savings.

First Mile: Use shipment and order visibility from the point of origin to maximize vehicle and labor resources, mitigate compliance risks, accommodate new orders, and continuously optimize your logistics plan.

Middle Mile: Automate routine middle-mile freight operations and manage by exception. Consolidate consistent volumes to limit trips and shrink carbon footprint. Scale operations up or down based on demand.

Last Mile: Optimize final delivery to the end customer with real-time visibility and predictive ETAs to support notifications and appointment scheduling. Validate service with closed-loop feedback, proof of delivery, and sign-on-glass technology.

Final Mile Assessment: Are You a Fit?

Not every solution is a fit for every company. Want to find out if the MercuryGate Final Mile solution is right for you? Complete this quick self-assessment questionnaire to find out if our capabilities are a fit for your business needs.

Manage Exceptions and Improve Final Mile Collaboration

Automated alerts
Improve awareness and communications with alerts triggered by real-time events.
Electronic documentation

Accelerate transaction processing and delivery by generating and sharing electronic files for Proof of Delivery, Bill of Lading, and others.

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Transportation Data Sharing
Keep supply chain partners up-to-date with MercuryGate TMS as a single source of truth for your transportation data.
Autonomous Final Mile Logistics

Unlock cost savings by using machine learning and robotic process automation to improve all phases of delivery – first mile, middle mile, and last mile.

Meet Every Delivery Service Expectation

Delighting delivery customers depends on your ability to support services that fulfill every demand. Your technology solution should support the unique needs of each shipment, from the elevated white glove experience and delivery confirmation to the reverse logistics of returns and claims management.

White Glove: Support extra mile services like assembly, installation, and refuse removal within a coordinated appointment window.

Proof of Delivery: Increase accountability and confirm shipment status digitally through uploaded documents, photos, or sign-on-glass technology.

Reverse logistics: Manage return service, claims response, and shipment data in a centralized platform for execution and visibility.

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