MercuryGate is Transport Smart, combining Power and Ease into Load Planning Logistics

Plan for and deliver better load building outcomes

Increase space utilization while cutting freight and fuel costs. Leverage control tower visibility to take the guess work out of load planning by easily generating precise calculations before shipping. Streamline loading and unloading and minimize labor errors with step-by-step planning.

MercuryGate’s load planning and load building takes into account all facets including weight, dimensions, densities, stackability constraints, and compatibility constraints. This empowers your whole team to significantly reduce the number of freight runs needed, as well as the emission your transportation produces.

Measure the potential ROI value gained through load planning

Cargo Container Crane Isometric

No more running on empty

Research shows that 15 – 25% of trucks on U.S. roads today are empty. That means there’s a lot of room for improvement by leveraging backhauls and maximizing space and environmental sustainability. Optimize and plan ocean containers, air containers, truck, and vessel stuffing. Prepare the best possible plan for multi-stops and priority loading. Use extensive stacking configurations to minimize damage in transit. Perform load build optimization for volume discounts and incentives. You define the load parameters and constraints to determine the best option for moving the goods.

Every shipment and load managed within the platform is guided by a workflow-driven process based on best practices for each mode of transportation. This significantly accelerates implementation time while enabling even less experienced team members to excel at handling otherwise complex tasks.

Realize more Just-In-Time savings

The earlier you book your freight, the less it costs you. That’s why MercuryGate allows you to accurately predict the number of loading meters required, all while reducing transport costs by making the best possible use of the means of transportation and minimizing merchandise in the warehouse by placing orders at the latest possible moment.

Find out how MercuryGate can radically improve your load planning and load building performance