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Optimize delivery routes based on what’s happening now

Street-Level Optimization Powered by Real-time Data

Mechanical issues. Traffic congestion. Bad weather. Sometimes the best-laid plans must be adjusted based on what’s happening now. React to issues and disruptions as they happen in real time with an innovative approach to logistics optimization and scheduling in the MercuryGate TMS. Real-world conditions and constraints are ever-changing. Solid, scalable, adaptable tracking and planning are critical to real-time optimization success.

Find Value at Every Turn

Street-Level Optimization

Reduce Service Failure Potential

Dynamic rerouting and predictive capabilities enable true logistics optimization at the route level as well as the street level. Minimize potential service failures by knowing what’s happening, when, and what ongoing changes to the schedule will mean.

Just as proper planning helps shippers overcome issues and disruptions, maximizing efficiency and delivery follow-through are also important. Getting ahead of schedule and ensuring exceptional delivery results across all modes can help offset the mad rush when things don’t quite go according to plan.

See street-level optimization in action