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MercuryGate Shipment and Order Visibility

Multimodal Visibility from Origin to Destination

Get on the Clear Track

Our Shipment and Order Visibility solution provides a detailed view of freight across your multimodal network. Data can be viewed at the vessel, container, order, or item level—providing the information to strategically plan and execute supply chain operations.

Value Beyond The View

Gain control of flow of goods

View inventory cycles for every item and SKU to increase confidence in supply chain reliability, minimize safety stock levels, and reduce overhead.

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Structure and standardize data

Capture disparate information from across the fragmented supply chain network and standardize it in useful formats.

Centralize full-lifecycle, multimode visibility

See the full shipment lifecycle across all modes—ocean, air, rail, drayage, and trucking —in a single hub.

Configure integrations to logistics processes

Support existing logistics platforms and networks without extensive changes to workflows and processes.

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Unify information for all supply chain parties

Access shipment information and updates on demand, configure push alerts when criteria is met, or export automatically via API to existing ERP.

Efficiently scale business processes

Scale faster without adding linear labor resources to logistics and supply chain departments.

Scale Assets and Resources Using A
Single-Source Visibility Product

How much money could you save by eliminating one day from inventory carry costs across your global network? MercuryGate’s Shipment and Order Visibility product helps shippers right size lead times with accurate transit duration and multimodal ETA — improving planning efficiency, reducing safety stock, and enhancing flow of inventory.

Don Mabry, senior vice president of global trade solutions at MercuryGate, discusses how the Shipment and Order Visibility product increases shipment transparency at both the container and item-level across ocean, air, rail, and road shipment modes.

Tender Savings With End-to-end Visibility

Lack of proper visibility costs you time and money. Answer 4 questions to reveal the potential savings from our Shipment & Order Visibility product.

Monitor the Big Picture of Shipments

The Geo-Map Shipments feature shows the location of ocean container shipments at any given time. It details vessel information including name, current location, estimated arrival to port, status, speed, and the quantity of the organization’s shipments on board.

Drill Down to Item-level Tracking

Take shipment tracking a step further when you can query an item or SKU. Use the Vessel Ledger filter to determine the vessel and container location for a particular product. The ocean container ledger displays general information, ETA to destination, shipment details, and quantity. This information enables you to provide accurate delivery estimates to the end customer without manual queries.

Give Detention Charges the Boot

Access the Operations Dashboard to view all ocean container shipments organized by shipment milestones. Query or configure automated alerts to identify shipments that were discharged but not picked-up within two days. Those containers are at risk of incurring detention charges and require proactive escalation with the assigned carriers. The capability is also handy for disputing charges capability, identifying carrier-specific issues, and reducing accessorial costs.

Illuminate the Inefficiencies

With increasing pressure on organizations and logistics service providers to increase supply chain efficiencies and reduce costs, achieving end-to-end visibility is essential to meeting those objectives. Shipment & Order Visibility automates shipment status collection and creates a unified system of a record for shipments every mile of the journey, supports standardized workflows, improves reliability of shipment deliveries, and reduces overall operating costs.

Board The Visibility Vessel