Top Priority for Your Last Mile

Exceptional Customer Experience

It is no longer acceptable for your brand to just be recognized; it must also deliver a great customer experience. The last mile delivery leaves a lasting impression of your company and extends your brand all the way to the customer’s front door. Don’t gamble on outdated software or a fleet management system that isn’t focused on the end user.
Not only can botched last mile delivery damage your reputation with customers – it can also cost money. The cost for last mile delivery accounts for more than half of total transportation spend on average. Decreased revenue, escalating costs for fleet operations and fluctuating shipping rates can all hit your bottom line hard without a wholistic transportation management solution to give you oversight of your entire network.
Last Mile Delivery

Visibility From Container to Customer

MercuryGate Final Mile automates tasks across the entire lifecycle of delivery and provides a real-time, end-to-end view of your supply chain. No more black holes in the journey when it matters most. From container to customer, you can now have visibility at every step of the journey.

Smarter Fleet Utilization

You need to get maximum performance from your fleet. MercuryGate autonomous route management capabilities ensure that every vehicle is used as efficiently as possible to help your company easily manage quick-turn orders, streamline communication between drivers and dispatch, provide accurate timetables for pickups and deliveries, and reduce fuel costs and consumption.

Let Us Solve For Your Last Mile Delivery Challenges