Last mile quality and efficiency

Deliver happy customers and bottom-line savings through last mile delivery

Delivery now drives brand perception. And the last mile experience defines your customer’s delivery experience. So why settle for a TMS that lacks industry leading last mile logistics? Or fleet management that focuses only on assets instead of the end customer too?
Not only is last mile where you make or break your reputation with your customers, it’s also where you stand to save the most cost. Last mile logistics account for more than half the total transportation cost on average.
With MercuryGate Last Mile, you can make last mile superiority part of your daily logistics management. Optimize the entire transportation journey from outbound, to cross docking, to the last mile delivery, including returns.
Last Mile Delivery

last mile delivery visibility: From container to customer

With MercuryGate Last Mile logistics, you can automate management of the total lifecycle of the move. No more black holes in the journey when it matters most, last mile delivery. From container to pallet to parcel to customer, you can now have visibility and optimization from end to end. MercuryGate Last Mile logistics enables:

Ramp up your fleet management with MercuryGate Last Mile

Tap into comprehensive vehicle routing and scheduling all in one. Keep all stakeholders in the loop including the most important ones – your customers. MercuryGate Last Mile empowers your fleet management to a higher level of performance while achieving greater cost efficiencies through asset management that adapts, automates, and communicates on the fly.
With full third-party integration. MercuryGate Last Mile delivers the same superior level of visibility and connectivity to third- party carriers. By leveraging third-party assets, you can manage fleet assets more aggressively without sacrificing your standards of service. This functionality, paired with MercuryGate’s extensive national network of carriers, gives you the competitive advantage in fleet management.

Learn how MercuryGate Last Mile can deliver happy customers and bottom-line savings