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Logistics Integrations Connect Critical Supply Chain Data

Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

When it comes to data, you can’t leverage what you can’t access. That’s why electronic integrations are so essential. Data is the cornerstone that helps you and your team gain complete visibility into your full transportation network and beyond. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, leverage the power of a world-class control tower that is anchored by electronic integrations like APIs and EDI. Together, these can unify all first-, second-, and third-party data to paint a holistic picture of your supply chain landscape and empower knowledge-based decision making.

Consolidated Shipment Visibility Across All Modes

Logistics management can be even more complex because of the dozens of systems that are in use today. Integrating these systems into one platform is vital for the efficiency and effectiveness of your transportation management. This includes all modes and last mile.

Top uses of consolidated shipment visibility

Estimated (quoted) versus actual (invoiced) shipping costs
Know which shipments came in under or over projections to better plan carrier allocation in the future.
Buy and sell rate comparisons
Increase inventory management efficiency by tracking buy versus sell rates to keep inventory lean and cost-effective.
Integrated Order information
See all order information, including destination, ETA, carrier acceptance, and more within a single portal.
digital document management

Instantly view associated BOLs or PODs for all shipments within the same platform to manage by exception.

Real-time shipment status

Increase track and trace capabilities with real-time shipment status updates powered by electronic integration with thousands of carrier systems and API-driven connections.

Easily integrate multiple systems and data sources to maximize shipment efficiency