The Benefits of Proof of Delivery Documents Integration for Touchless Management

Benefits of Proof of Delivery Documents Integration for Touchless Management

For years, supply chain professionals have been gradually moving toward a more unified digital strategy from drayage service through final-mile management, and everything has some sort of digital twin. Those strategies are now under the microscope for added ways to improve, and they’re essential to creating a competitive advantage. Shippers need to understand the tremendous benefits of digital proof of delivery documents integration for touchless management.

Digital Proof of Delivery Documents Create a Single Source of Truth for Management

Part of the value of integrating proof of delivery documents comes from a unified supply chain tech stack. Digital proof of delivery documents help to create and propagate a single source of truth management regardless of what documents are being used or altered in the course of transportation

Digital Access Reduces Confusion Over Document Sharing

Digitizing proof of delivery also helps build collaboration within the network. Users can upload a shareable link to a digital document so that everyone can stay on the same page. Shippers identify potential problems and address customer service inquiries with ready access to available information, giving rise to improved final mile exception management. Digital document management also improves accountability and usability.

For example, digital documents can be used to ensure white-glove service delivery professionals follow all instructions and leave an area in the proper condition. This goes a long way toward reducing the risk of chargebacks and complaints about final mile, white-glove service. If an issue does arise, the documents can instantly be shared and distributed to all parties to remedy any issue that may arise.

Integration Between Systems Reduces Delays in Processing Payments, Claims and More

Integration of the digital proof of delivery documents with other systems can also go a long way toward reducing the time spent on processing payments, claims management, and scheduling. The delivery documents are contained within an overarching transportation management system (TMS), can execute certain processes on-demand and avoid any potential delays. Such actions can naturally be augmented with automation, including the use of virtual robots.

Combined with robotics process automation (RPA), digital document management—specifically proof of delivery documents integration—can help shippers stay informed of current status and even provide a resource for capturing and applying data within the TMS. As noted by Deloitte in 2019, the field of more advanced digital document management was anticipated to reach more than $1.1 billion USD by the end of 2021, and it will be interesting to see how well that statistic pans out as the industry moves forward.

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Integration Also Has Natural Implications for Creating Better Delivery Experiences

The ultimate goal of supply chain management is increased efficiency and better customer service experiences. Digital proof of delivery documents integration has a natural implication for creating better delivery experiences. Rather than worrying about tracking down customer signatures and sharing physical paperwork, those signatures on proof of delivery documents can instantly be captured and shared throughout the entire supply chain at a moment’s notice. In turn, customers enjoy the benefits of faster delivery and they avoid the physical touching of documents. Plus, digital devices can be sanitized between users to provide an added layer of safety and security to the transaction.

Reap the Rewards of Proof of Delivery and Embedded Digital Document Management

Digital document management is the future of supply chain recordkeeping, and as the value of a cloud-based TMS grows, digital documents will have major applications for all activities. Proof of delivery documentation and photos is only one use case, and there will be future ways to use such documents to improve service levels, such as providing additional instructions for customer service agents when a customer needs assistance or support. Of course, digital document management has another advantage—providing an immutable record of the delivery to help your company stay in compliance as regulations evolve.

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