Last Mile Delivery Platform: MercuryGate Use Cases and Success Stories

Last mile delivery for priority consumer products.

Whether you serve B2B or B2C delivery demands, it is more important than ever to have the support of a last mile delivery platform with diverse capabilities.

Imagine waiting eagerly for a package, only to face disappointment with a late or botched delivery. No surprise: 84% of us would think twice about buying from that brand again. Last-mile delivery isn’t just about moving packages; it’s the heartbeat of a brand’s promise.

And with a staggering 53% of shipping costs tied up in this final leg and most of us expecting a 2-3 day delivery as standard, it is crucial to get it right every time.

But what does “getting it right” look like in real life?

Beyond stats and percentages, there’s a world where businesses thrive by making smart choices. Below are two case studies of businesses that turned challenges into opportunities to experience the full benefits of last mile delivery success. Keep reading to learn more about the last mile delivery results achieved by partnering with MercuryGate.

Last Mile Delivery Success: Large Electrical Distributor

Delivering products to the right spot at the right moment is no small feat, especially when every contract and tiny detail counts.

The pressure is on whether it’s B2C or B2B last mile delivery. Every decision introduces additional complexity, from optimizing drivers and fleets to planning the route from distribution centers. However, finding success is more than doable when partnering with a last-mile delivery platform like MercuryGate

Consider the case of a large electrical distributor.

The Challenges
Modern consumers have clear expectations: they want deliveries fast and on time. For companies across various sectors, these demands pose challenges like balancing evolving delivery conditions, managing assets, coordinating drivers, and adhering to stringent schedules. The electrical distributor at the heart of this study felt these challenges head-on. They were responsible for transporting items like wires, outlets, and switches over vast distances, including 200 routes daily from over 25 distribution centers throughout the U.S. Moreover, they constantly ventured into new areas and had to adjust delivery schedules in response to changing circumstances.
MercuryGate Implementation

The distributor recognized the need to refine delivery systems and turned to MercuryGate for a solution. With MercuryGate’s comprehensive suite of capabilities, the distributor implemented tools such as delivery slot planning, customer communication, and in-day transportation route optimization. They also took advantage of MercuryGate’s features for on-site workflow management, loss prevention, and returns management. 

The distributor’s application of the system was thorough, embracing everything from batch route planning to dynamic pick-up assignments. The addition of driver mobile tracking, Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD), and a dedicated customer service desk further bolstered their delivery operations and enhanced their existing systems.

Value & Benefits

The results delivered value and benefits that strongly resonated with the company and its clients. Refined inbound route planning significantly boosted the system’s efficiency. This improved efficiency translated to better resource and asset utilization, reduced planning and dispatch times, and fewer driver hours on the road. 

Improved on-time ETA calculations bolstered customer trust, leading to fewer inbound calls. Moreover, including driver visibility enhanced operational transparency, solidifying customer satisfaction.

Last Mile Delivery Success: Global Consumer Health Company

How does a publicly traded consumer health company with over 300,000 employees and $300 billion in revenue excel in a demanding last-mile environment? This use case explores how the company experienced the full benefits of the last mile delivery platform. By partnering with MercuryGate, this user refined strategies for:

  • Optimizing order fulfillment.
  • Selecting the best courier and route.
  • Employing autonomous logistics for exceptions.
  • Managing orders confidently.

All this while efficiently delivering a vast volume of healthcare products to homes.

The Challenges

The consumer health sector is demanding, and at its heart lies the imperative for timely and accurate deliveries. This challenge intensifies for a major publicly traded health company, especially considering its vast workforce, significant revenues, and extensive scale of home deliveries fraught with pressures of time constraints and rising consumer expectations. 

Additionally, certain locations present unique logistical hurdles, whether an office on campus or a hospital’s nursing station. Topping it off, ensuring a transparent chain of custody, and securing crucial signatures are indispensable elements. Needless to say, pinpointing the optimal courier and route becomes a nuanced decision.

MercuryGate Application

Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, the company adopted MercuryGate as its last mile delivery platform to enhance its delivery management. 

This integration seamlessly managed everything from back-office tasks to automatically updating stakeholders. The system shone when it came to selecting the best delivery channels, whether through couriers or scheduled runs. It looked beyond mere addresses, ensuring accurate pricing and unraveling the web of complex rates.

Moreover, it optimized routes, oversaw cross-docking and packaging, and efficiently settled courier accounts. The system proficiently addressed exceptions, invoice issues, and accounts payable. It also stood out for its ability to generate detailed courier performance reports, highlighting key metrics such as punctuality and dispute volume.

Value & Benefits

After partnering with MercuryGate, the company experienced significant improvements. Mileage decreased by 17%, thanks to the solution’s ability to optimize delivery routes, ensuring that customers always received the best possible options. Additionally, MercuryGate contributed to an 18% reduction in courier costs. The platform not only eliminated traditional challenges like manual invoice submissions but also provided unparalleled insights into courier performance.

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The Last Word on the Last Mile

The world of last-mile delivery is complex, requiring precision and efficiency at every turn. Based on the experiences of an established electrical distributor and a leading health company, MercuryGate emerges as a pivotal solution and last mile delivery platform.
The key takeaway from these use cases?
MercuryGate doesn’t just optimize routes; it redefines the delivery experience, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Learn more about everywhere you can find MercuryGate’s last mile delivery platform in this infographic.

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