Maximizing Efficiency in Carrier Claims Management

Freight claims signal something didn’t go as planned in the transportation process. Rectifying the situation can be tedious, and as a non-revenue-generating task, carrier claims cost the shipper and the carrier time and resources.

Of all the inefficiencies in the supply chain, handling carrier claims stands out as one desperate for modernization. It often relies on manual processes, spreadsheets, fragmented systems, and back-and-forth communication.

This article showcases how modern technology significantly enhances efficiency and drives savings in carrier claims management.

MercuryGate Carrier Claims Solutions: A Game-Changer for Logistics

Our MercuryCarrierClaim solution provides a comprehensive solution. The suite of features is specifically designed to address and overcome the typical challenges and inefficiencies in managing carrier claims.
Customization and Integration Capabilities

The cloud-based software integrates seamlessly into existing systems, eliminating the need for system upgrades or changes to backend systems. The software allows you to create custom fields and multiple access and payment authority levels.

Automation and Time-Saving Features

MercuryCarrierClaim automates paper-based and labor-intensive processes. For instance, you can generate notification and follow-up letters, leverage task management, and convert incident reports into carrier claims.

Efficiency, Security, and Support

The centralized system securely stores all claims-related documents, leveraging state-of-the-art antivirus, firewalls, and data monitoring. Having all your documents in one place allows for easier access and retrieval. The software intuitively enables users to mine, analyze, and explore key business data to identify trends in efforts to improve performance.

Backed by 24/7 technical support, our carrier claim solution is an invaluable tool for optimizing the claims management process. Calculate your savings here.

Key Benefits of Adopting MercuryCarrierClaims

What would you do with the additional resources you currently dedicate to your claims process? Reallocating resources is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits of adopting our carrier claims solution. Customization capabilities, staying organized, streamlined communication, and automating tasks provide greater control and visibility into your claims process.

Our Carrier Claims webinar showcases firsthand how one customer experienced a “whirlwind of efficiencies” with the MercuryCarrierClaim solution.

  • Reduced manual tasks: “We’re taking a department, shrinking due to labor and non-revenue-generated activities, and reallocating those resources to other hard-to-fill positions like collections, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer service.”
  • Efficiency gains: “What really stood out and gave me the wow factor was the quick claim solution… Instead of manually filling out a claim form… they [the claimants] are already going through the process… right then and there, I know that’s where a huge saving is going to happen.”
  • Cost savings: “When I first started with the company, we had roughly five people handling the claims department. Now it’s me and one other claim analyst. One and a half people who’ve gone from five. One person now in my department, which handles about 2700 to 3200 claims a year, is now able to do that solely by themselves.
  • Improved data analysis: “What I do find to be very helpful is the top 10 list… it gives us our top 10 claimants, highest claims, and then also it gives us the ability to customize the different views that we want to see on a dashboard.”
  • Future benefits: “The ability to connect MercuryGate Carrier Claims to a TMS via APIs, automate the financial piece, and update notes in our TMS that are still done manually shows that there are still a lot of efficiency gains to be made in the future.”

MercuryGate’s carrier claims solution addresses the core challenges and must-haves of efficiency, integration, and optimization by providing a scalable, secure, and efficient solution.

Users implement our carrier claims solution right out of the box without any integration or development work. As a result, companies manage claims more effectively, reduce costs, and improve customer service levels.

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Navigating Carrier Claims with MercuryGate

The logistics and transportation industry faces numerous challenges in managing carrier claims. These cost drivers range from manual, labor-intensive processes to inefficient data management and poor integration capabilities.
Our MercuryCarrierClaim solution offers a path to transforming pesky and prevalent carrier claims into a simplified and streamlined process that opens the door for countless efficiency gains and cost reductions.

Are you ready to experience the transformational benefits of our carrier claims solution? We encourage you to schedule a demo. Be sure to download our brochure, “MercuryCarrierClaim, The Full Solution for Freight Claim Management.

Learn more during the webinar with our customer


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