MercuryGate User Conference 2023: Value at Velocity

MercuryGate User Conference Velocity: 2023 V3 Virtual Conference

The V3 MercuryGate User Conference marks a significant milestone in the logistics industry, offering an unparalleled opportunity for MercuryGate customers to immerse themselves in an array of exclusive, game-changing insights and innovations.

Fully virtual for the first time, the user conference is tailored explicitly for MercuryGate customers, providing a comprehensive platform to delve into crucial facets of transportation management, streamline operations, and optimize strategies.

MercuryGate Velocity: Value | Virtual | Velocity

MercuryGate Velocity is designed for MercuryGate customers to access a wealth of on-demand content featuring industry experts and success stories. This content delves into ways your operation can navigate rising operational costs, improve final-mile logistics, and maximize customer satisfaction.

MercuryGate’s Dedication to Innovation

At the core of MercuryGate’s ethos is an unyielding commitment to innovation, manifested through continuous technological advancements, solutions that drive efficiency, and strategies that redefine the logistics landscape. The V3 User Conference represents a pinnacle of this dedication, showcasing cutting-edge insights, dynamic strategies, and innovative solutions at the forefront of the transportation industry.

Session Highlights

With 38 unique sessions focused on the most pressing issues facing today’s transportation and logistics professionals, the MercuryGate User Conference presents ample opportunities to witness innovation in action.
The MercuryGate user conference agenda included real-world applications of our technology, highlighted in nine customer case study presentations and 18 product demos.
Growing Internationally with the MercuryGate TMS Featuring Caliber Global

Caliber Global shares insights into how they expanded globally using the MercuryGate TMS. This session offers firsthand experiences and strategies to adapt the TMS to meet the demands of international business expansions.

Optimizing Distribution Delivery to the End Customer with MercuryGate Final Mile
This session delves into the methods of maximizing the end customer’s delivery experience using MercuryGate’s Final Mile solutions, emphasizing the pivotal last leg of delivery logistics.
Leveraging Visibility to Drive Value Across Your Transportation Network
Explore the power of MercuryGate’s Visibility tools, enabling users to drive value across their transportation networks by harnessing the potential of comprehensive visibility solutions.
From Ocean Floor to Your Store: Cooke Aquaculture Delivers Sustainable Seafood and Reels in Costs

Cooke Aquaculture’s session presents a compelling narrative, highlighting the successful journey of delivering sustainable seafood from the ocean to store shelves, demonstrating how sustainable practices can be applied to supply chain operations.

Other V3 user conference sessions available to MercuryGate customers include:
  • Using Analytics to Drive Operational Efficiency and Meet Customer Expectations in Final Mile – Featuring PODS.
  • Cut Warehouse Costs By Integrating Loadsmart Dock Scheduling With MercuryGate.
  • The Value of MercuryGate TMS and Final Mile Working Together.
  • 5 Underutilized MercuryGate Value-Adds.
  • Creating More Resilient Supply Chains Using MercuryGate Shipment and Order Visibility.
  • Super User Superheroes: Achieving TMS Eminence & Partnering for Success.
  • Optimizing Distribution Delivery to the End Customer with MercuryGate Final Mile.
  • Navigating the Intermodal Logistics Landscape – Featuring Mode Transportation.
  • How MercuryMyEZClaim Helped Daikin America Reduce Claims Costs and Improve Recovery.
  • Book Loads with Confidence Using MercuryGate’s Digital Freight Marketplace.
  • Latest and Greatest: The Added Value of Using the Newest TMS Interface.
  • Digitize Order Compliance Risks to Reduce Liabilities, Avoid Delays and Protect Revenues – Featuring Tractor Supply.
  • The Value to 3PLs of Streamlining Customer Uplift Rating Using Dynamic Rate Manager.
  • Getting Value from Each Release: A Checklist for Making Every Release Count.
  • How The Custom Companies Uses MercuryCarrierClaim to Reduce Labor Burden & Improve Customer Claims Experience.
  • Unpacking & Using OaaS to Overcome Optimization Challenges.
  • Data-Driven Value: Reporting & Analytics.
  • Leveraging Visibility to Drive Value Across Your Transportation Network.
  • Keeping Customers First Using Customer Care+.
  • Tips to Fix Common Rating Errors to Save Time and Keep Loads Moving.
  • Streamlining Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Operations with MercuryGate Final Mile.
  • Driving Value: Using Preventative Health Checks to Rev Up TMS Performance.

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Ready to Watch the V3 MercuryGate User Conference?

The MercuryGate User Conference isn’t just an event; it’s a gateway to unlocking the next level of logistics expertise. Dive into a wealth of sessions, strategies, and insights that will redefine and optimize your transportation strategies, setting the stage for the future of logistics management.
Existing MercuryGate customers can register for the V3 User Conference at no charge. Upon registration and login with credentials, MercuryGate users gain access to the extensive library of sessions and content.

This exclusive on-demand content, provides an unmatched opportunity to access cutting-edge knowledge and strategic insights for optimizing transportation operations.

Register now, and learn what Value | Virtual | Velocity and the MercuryGate user conference means for your supply chain.

Access the Complete V3 Library today.


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