More Green & Less Green: The TMS Benefits A Sustainable Supply Chain

Cloud-based TMS software provides tools needed to achieve transportation optimization

The Right Transportation Management System (TMS) Can Make a Positive Impact on Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

Consumers want more green, and it’s not just cost savings. In fact, consumers are using their wallets to engage with companies with strong corporate social responsibility efforts, including sustainability initiatives. Luckily, shippers can find the sustainability benefits they’re looking for in a transportation management system (TMS).

A new study reveals that 89% of consumers are just as likely to purchase from a company as they are to boycott (90%) it based on the company’s responsible practices.
We’ve explored how the consumer impact of “going green” together with a shipper TMS can help you meet your sustainability goals without impacting time, resources or added costs.

Saving green is just one of the benefits that businesses experience from creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable supply chain. Uncover all of the different ways that business benefit from a greener approach to delivery.

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