Maximize Logistics Efficiency with MercuryGate TMS Health Check

Experts offer health check to improve performance, including logistics efficiency.

Transportation management and logistics efficiency require more than innovative technology solutions. You need collaboration, ongoing support, and continuous operational enhancement. MercuryGate’s health check offers a pathway to continuous value realization.

This service aligns your TMS usage with your business needs and goals, ensuring operations produce maximum value. This article explores how MercuryGate’s collaborative health check service, powered by our professional services team, can benefit your logistics efficiency.

Are you Underutilizing Your TMS?

Underutilizing your TMS is akin to leaving money on the table. Whether it’s new employees, business initiatives, or you want to renovate your transportation strategy, as your business adapts to changes, so must your TMS. In our experience, many businesses miss opportunities to automate and improve processes and visibility due to underutilizing their TMS.

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why the health check with the MercuryGate professional services team drives additional value from your TMS. Our dedicated professionals aim to drive strategic growth and logistics efficiency through customer collaboration.

Maximize ROI & Logistics Efficiency with a TMS Health Check

Collaboration is a critical component of the health check process. MercuryGate Professional Services works closely with our customers to assess everything internally and externally to understand and address specific challenges and opportunities within the logistics operations. We aim to optimize TMS performance and return on investment. Here’s how we do it.
  1. Initial Assessment: Our customer success team conducts a thorough assessment of the customer’s current TMS environment, which may include examining the latest version used, current business volumes, and other modules in operation. This stage identifies areas where the TMS might be underutilized to meet changing needs.
  2. Deep Dive Assessment: In a truly collaborative experience, the professional services team spends two to three days on-site (recommended) assessing the customer’s TMS utilization internally and with the customer’s team to gather comprehensive insights.
  3. Review of Major Aspects: The assessment covers all significant aspects of the TMS environment, including infrastructure setup, operating efficiencies, internal and external integrations (such as carrier EDI and API connections), operations and finance workflows, master data, and rating processes.
  4. Outcome and Recommendations: The health check provides a TMS roadmap for improving business operations and moving forward. This involves identifying current challenges and opportunities for automation and process improvements, as well as leveraging the latest functionalities for enhanced visibility.
  5. Customer Collaboration: With an emphasis on collaboration throughout the process, we encourage customers to think about what works well and what doesn’t in their current processes, identify pain points, and consider any new business or process improvements they wish to implement.
  6. Documented Assessment: This document reviews the findings and strategizes on recommendations for improvement, detailing solution recommendations, business value, and next steps for each category.
  7. Future Planning: The assessment outlines both the current and recommended future states, allowing customers to prioritize which recommendations to implement immediately and which to consider later.

The health check is part of an ongoing process to ensure that the TMS continues to deliver value, aligning with continuous improvements and the customer’s evolving business goals. This structured approach enables customers to maximize the value of their TMS investment, ensuring logistics efficiency, growth, and resilience against disruptions.

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Logistics Efficiency Benefits of a TMS Health Check

A health check of your TMS can lead to significant cost reductions through optimized consolidation, reveal opportunities for increased revenue via enhanced data visibility, and reduce time spent on manual processes through automation.

An independent analysis highlighted that MercuryGate TMS delivers an impressive return on investment — more than 300% ROI over five years. A Health Check ensures your TMS evolves alongside your business needs, leaving no valuable feature behind and maximizing your technological investment.

At MercuryGate, customer success is more than a buzzword — it’s a foundational pillar of our service model. We encourage you to contact our customer success team to schedule a health check and check out our webinar “Driving Value: Using Preventative Health Checks to Rev up TMS Performance.”

Discover how a TMS health check improves TMS performance


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