MercuryGate Transportation Technology for Freight Carriers

Transportation Technology for Freight Carriers
For carriers navigating today’s transportation challenges, operating on thin profit margins is a way of life. Even with global freight volumes soaring, carriers face several challenges in creating a sustainable, profitable business, and it begins with the driver shortage, driver pay increase, and high driver turnover. Add in rising fuel costs, hours of service limits, and new consumer expectations, and it’s no surprise that freight carriers are often struggling to squeeze more efficiencies from their operations.
Using disparate systems and spreadsheets to manage transportation strategies is no longer a viable option to compete in an increasingly digitized world. The key to sustainable success is finding the hidden efficiencies in the daily operations, while closely monitoring fleet assets and drivers to mitigate risks.
MercuryGate understands the unique issues that carriers face in today’s ever-changing market, and its suite of transportation management solutions is designed to support carriers across every mode. With MercuryGate transportation management and fleet solutions, a carrier company can push profitability to new levels no matter how market conditions might shift.
The MercuryGate transportation management system (TMS) provides the foundation to support carrier operations and multimodal shipments with complete visibility. And, the MercuryGate TMS provides all of the tools to procure, plan, optimize, execute, and settle freight movements.
Knowing the status of every driver and truck is critical to meeting customer demands and generating positive results. Integrated with the MercuryGate TMS, Fleet Management gives carriers the power to manage driver data and safety records, maximize asset utilization and reduce unnecessary miles, and ensure regulatory compliance for drivers and equipment.
And, MercuryGate’s transportation optimization solution helps carriers maximize the use of every asset. MercuryGate Transportation Planning gives carriers the capabilities to plan better loads and improve routing while identifying opportunities for backhauls to reduce empty miles.
See for yourself how MercuryGate transportation management technology can help freight carriers make the most of every truck and every mile.