7 Transportation Optimization Strategies To Reduce Freight Spend​

Load and route optimization is no longer a nice-to-have feature

The pressures of today’s omni-channel distribution and e-Commerce channels are making it progressively more difficult to develop efficient load and route plans.
The best optimization tools allow companies to look at freight movements holistically, analyze their shipments, rates, and constraints, and ultimately improve decision making. By optimizing every aspect of your transportation network, you can reduce transportation costs and improve efficiency.
When you input data into MercuryGate Transportation Planning, the ultimate optimizer, including shipments that need to be moved, available pool points for consolidation, cross-docking and deconsolidation, and any desired list of constraints, MercuryGate Transportation Planning will build an optimal execution plan that is ready to move into your transportation management system (TMS). It is the only optimization tool that provides you visibility into your full supply chain, uses real and accurate data and rates, factors in multiple constraints, captures the latest in delivery modes and methods, and tests multiple alternative plans.
When looking for an optimization solution, consider the provider’s track record of innovation. The truth is, not all transportation optimization tools are created equal. Many optimization tools are just now catching up to the capabilities introduced in MercuryGate Transportation Planning nearly a decade ago. In recent releases, MercuryGate has added new, more advanced pooling strategies and features, such as customized scripting, pool-point chains, and precision management of fleet assets and drivers.
Current MercuryGate Transportation Planning customers are using various techniques and strategies to squeeze more efficiency from their transportation plans to overcome the driver shortage, increased customer demand, and other challenges.
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