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Courier Claims on Transportation Management

Building Full Transparency Into the Digital Courier Claims Management Process

Digital processes are the norm these days for both large and small supply chains. The best prepared shipper is one who integrates technology and digitization from end-to-end within the supply chain. The sooner claims are dealt with the less chances there are for fraud or other issues to arise.

The ability to monitor and respond to issues as they occur, or as soon as they are reported, can help improve customer satisfaction and keep the supply chain running at optimal levels of efficiency. Digital courier claims features add new layers of adaptability and visibility for shippers, couriers, and customers.

TMS Integration Streamlines Courier Claims Processing

Claims management can be time-consuming – especially when you factor in the ever-changing conditions that couriers must operate in. Digital software helps streamline the processes of filing, reviewing, approving, and finalizing claims when they occur. It gives employees and couriers alike the power and ability to react as needed without wasting time with slow modes of communication. For example, photos can be taken on site to document damage and to validate the severity of claims.

TMS platforms are designed to connect all areas of the supply chain network together in an efficient manner. Processing claims and dealing with disruptions becomes much easier when everyone can communicate, share data, and react in real-time. Most notably, it creates a better experience for all involved parties when courier claims are dealt with in a timely, professional manner.

With automated reporting, review and claims management notifications – such as denials or acceptances – are handled automatically so everyone can get on with other tasks.

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The Benefits and Value of Digitized Courier Claims

Traceability and proof of damage/ POD
Provide instant proof to uphold or dispel damage claims and ensure a positive customer experience.
Less stressful procedures
Integrated systems create a seamless, easy-to-use approach to filing a claim.
Easier information sharing

Notifications and data sharing across departments speeds up the process.

Faster time to resolution

Faster response time builds better experiences, whether that’s a claims payment, charge reversal, or sending a replacement.

Leverage a World-Class Process for Courier Claims Management