Automated Booking And Load Tendering for Optimum Outcomes

Instantly access real-Time pricing and guaranteed freight lane capacity

Manage truck booking and load tendering with greater ease and effectiveness across all transportation needs. From multi-leg and multiple delivery to single delivery, including native parcel capabilities, MercuryGate booking system aligns to your objectives.
Unlike other transport booking software, every load managed within the MercuryGate platform is guided by a workflow-driven process and based on industry best practices. This means newer team members can add value with less training. Plus, use of the workflow-driven process provides focus on an accelerated implementation time and speeds time-to-value. Tap into MercuryGate’s industry-leading transportation management system (TMS) capabilities to achieve your objectives with minimum disruption to your business model.
TMS Booking & Tendering
Multimodal Transportation Isometric

Access more load boards for better truck booking

MercuryGate’s transportation management platform has direct connectivity to over 30 load boards with the capacity being matched to the load being covered. Additionally, more are added on an ongoing basis through mass onboarding processes used by each MercuryGate client.

Our platform further empowers your success by allowing you to quickly find loads from the route board and report time-sensitive loads with narrow time windows.

What is a load tender?

A load tender is the initial point of contact that shippers send to carriers to book a shipment. Carriers then send a tender response detailing additional requirements and information needed to finalize pickup and delivery parameters. As MercuryGate’s transportation management platform automates the full transportation life cycle across all modes, it’s an ideal transport booking system for all parties involved.

Learn Why We’re Confident MercuryGate’s Booking and Load Tendering Capabilities Drive Value Into Your Organization