Control Tower Power: Access Visibility and Excel

Dynamic control tower capabilities to take charge of transportation challenges

As simple to use as it is powerful to apply, we designed our transport control tower concept on user friendliness.
What’s due, what’s upcoming, and what’s overdue? A single, consolidated screen that searches across orders, loads, and invoices all at once gives you actionable answers. Quickly access the most critical and frequent functions aligned to your specific workflows. At a glance, organize your work and prioritize needs displayed in customizable layout. Or opt for a dual-screen environment, allowing you to drag windows in the interface to a second screen for greater productivity.
Transportation Management System
Parcel Planning and Warehousing Isometric

Streamlined design derived from massive marketplace experience

As the largest transportation management system (TMS) of its kind, MercuryGate has taken advantage of our extensive industry exposure to better understand exactly how users leverage the platform. We’ve applied these learnings across literally millions of management transactions, to design and refine control tower visibility for unsurpassed effectiveness.

Intelligent widgets quickly convey the most important information based on your priorities. This helps reinforce your organization’s strategies while enhancing overall performance. In real terms, this means fewer total clicks to accomplish required tasks, so your team can get more done faster, and with greater confidence.

The dashboard view allows you to see the most current and relevant information needed to manage transportation. This exceptional level of control tower visibility makes MercuryGate’s rich functionality accessible. As a result, even less senior team members can directly contribute to reducing risk, saving money, and delivering a higher standard of service. This superior control tower visibility is another way that MercuryGate enables users to derive real bottom-line value more easily from the platform.

What is a Control Tower?

A control tower monitors, manages, and controls decisions and execution across functions and companies to optimize the entire network. Our control tower uses artificial intelligence (AI) and serves as a system of engagement across all trading partners, enabling all companies, people, and things to work together in real time to serve the end consumer.

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