7 Ways Transportation Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

7 Ways Transportation Companies Improve Customer Experience

For logistics service providers (LSPs) and transportation companies, creating a positive customer experience is the Holy Grail. Ultimately efforts to improve customer experience streamline processes through supply chain automation and eliminate redundancy, promote business profitability and help you make ensure your company can meet the needs for each tendered shipment. 

In fact, consider these 7 ways transportation companies can improve customer experience for their business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) customers.

1. Centralize Supply Chain Management

A centralized supply chain refers to a system in which all company resources are relegated to one central hub. This allows for resources of transportation companies — like vehicles — to be streamlined to one specific location and relegated evenly. This cuts down on confusion and limits the necessity of middle management and more hires, which translates to more total profit for your business and a better experience for your customers overall.

“Businesses today are rethinking ways to streamline their processes and ensure that product reaches customers efficiently and sustainably,” Supply Chain Brain reports. “This evolution is founded on a larger objective: overcoming the current separation of front office and back office, and replacing it with a holistic, end-to-end experience that allows customers to seamlessly access data from anywhere in the supply chain.”

Real-time data transparency is key to the next generation of supply chain management, as the focus shifts from cost efficiency to resilience and sustainability.”

Furthermore, centralized controls provide more information to improve customer experience.

2. Limit Unnecessary Check Calls for Freight

Check calls can be stressful. In the modern era, they are quickly becoming less necessary for transportation companies. The use of technology allows customers to see where their freight is always located through GPS tracking and real-time updates. This means that you can avoid taking check calls and your customers can avoid the hassle of making the call in the first place. 

There are a handful of apps that allow for real-time checks for freight transportation that make it easy and feasible for both the customer and driver to use.

3. Eliminate the Hassle of Physical Paperwork to Improve Customer Experience

Physical paperwork means a lot more labor for transportation companies. Why force yourself to manage printing, writing, and storing all that paperwork when you can automate and digitally sign all your paperwork instead? 

You also gain the benefit of providing a touch-less experience for your customers, as reading and signing documents can be done on each respective device used. In turn, customers are less likely to experience a delay.

4. Use Automation to Reduce Confusion Over POD and More

Automated emails and mobile notifications make proof of delivery (POD) easy for transportation companies. No longer will important documents get lost in the shuffle; you can streamline your customer’s experience by removing the obstacles that can come with other POD methods. Plus, it provides an instantaneous way to notify and show customers when a package has been delivered.

5. Streamline Freight Tendering by Sharing Customer Data From the Moment of Ordering

Sharing customer data automatically means less stress for transportation companies that must deal with the tender process. When your customer accepts a bid, you can far more easily keep track of their data by automated processes, rather than trying to communicate over the phone or through email.

6. Reduce Confusion by Keeping Everything in Context

Automated systems help keep track of the business process for transportation companies by organizing everything logically and visually in one place. Rather than a slew of paperwork or miscellaneous documents on your computer, you can work with an organized system in which every piece of data ends up where it belongs.

7. Offer Transparent Traceability From Origin Through Delivery

More than anything, your customers want to be able to trust you. That’s why traceability matters so much. You can provide a greater level of transparency by providing a clearly documented path for their product through your shipping line. 

When transportation companies provide this service end-to-end order visibility, they build a great deal of trust and accountability for their business.

Increase Efficiency, Improve Customer Experience

Time is truly money in the modern supply chain, and transportation companies need to be much more proactive about working to increase transparency and boost automation. Doing so will help improve customer experience and achieve cost savings.

Working with a proven provider of advanced supply chain management technology solutions puts you on the path to achieving this goal.

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