How Freight Claims Process Automation Protects Your Bottom Line

Damaged shipments need a freight claim, best managed by an automated freight claims process.

While we try to strategize and streamline as much as possible, damaged and lost shipments are inevitable, with an average of 1% of shipments ending up with a freight claim. Inefficiency of the traditional freight claims process amplifies the cost impact.

Although, you face the threat of a freight claim, you can improve the process as much as possible. Automation streamlines the freight claims process. While automation addresses these inevitable freight claims effectively, it also provides a variety of additional benefits to an organization.

The Current State of Freight Claims

Currently, the industry faces common challenges that affect the freight claims process. These are some to consider:
  • Relying on a labor-intensive, manual freight claims process.
  • Finding it difficult to share information.
  • Dealing with long-term costs as organizations.
  • Failing to file claims.
  • Missing the resources to handle claims.

Revolutionizing Freight Claims: MercuryMyEZClaim

Using technology to automate and streamline the freight claims process solves many common problems. MercuryMyEZClaim simplifies the freight claim process and doesn’t require the same time and effort as manual processes. As a bonus, it eliminates the errors that are inevitable in manual data.

This solution provides a way to reduce administrative costs and remove the taxing labor required to complete these steps manually. If you are having a difficult time getting started with claims management or you want to improve your current methods, MercuryMyEZClaim makes it easy.

Shippers can use MercuryMyEZClaim to manage all claims types, including loss and damage freight claims that are inevitable. It also manages overcharge claims, vendor claims, return authorization claims, and overages, shortages and damages (OS&D) claims.

A centralized platform improves document management and makes it easier to communicate between parties and analyze data. Shippers can upload all documents to one place, store them there, and rely on a documented paper trail during communication.

Real-World Impact on the Freight Claims Process

MercuryMYEZClaim customers realized measurable success – hard and soft savings – from improved freight claims process. Some real-life freight process benefits for customers include:
  • 50% reduction in claim losses YoY.
  • $500,000+ in improved recoveries in initial six months.
  • 77% reduction of open claims.
  • 55% reduction in time spent processing claims.

These metrics measure the freight process savings and reveal how your business can benefit.

Data: The Cornerstone of an Efficient Freight Claims Process

Centralized data helps businesses have more visibility and insight into problems, trends, and areas for improvement.
With data centralized you can more quickly identify root problem causes and inefficiencies, thus providing an area of focus for improvement and better savings. Centralized data also makes it easier to collect and compare information on carriers and vendors, and then use that information to gauge their performance and find the best options.
Companies use a centralized platform to make data-backed decisions. These smart and strategic decisions help you find ways to reduce risk and increase profitability within the freight claims process.

Final Thoughts on Streamlining Your Freight Claims Process

Uncertain about whether freight claims technology will deliver return on your investment?

If your company is operating at a 2% net profit, and you write off a $50 claim, it will require $2,500 in sales to offset that claim and protect your profit.

Freight claims automation and centralized data offers you the ability to not only efficiently manage every claim – so no write-offs! – but also avoid future problems thanks to data centralization.

Next Steps to Improve Your Freight Claims

MercuryMyEZClaim makes it easy for shippers to develop a better freight claims process. Request a demo to see how it works and would benefit your specific company.

First, visit the MercuryGate website to review more information and calculate the potential ROI for your organization.

Start Streamlining Your Freight Claims

Automating the freight claims process frees up employee time, cuts costs, and helps your company identify areas for improvement and develop better decision-making abilities. 

MercuryMyEZClaim provides a centralized platform that can bring together data and simplify freight claims.

Watch the webinar to see how freight claim automation can reduce costs and protect your business’s bottom line by watching our webinar.

See Our Freight Claims Process Automation In Action.


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