Approved to Ship? On-Time? Monitor Compliance and Shipment Moves

International ocean transportation comes with the dual challenges of ensuring orders have approved to ship and that they are shipping on time.

This balance involves different factors, including international trade compliance, customer experience, and inventory management.

To understand how these dynamics can play out, let’s examine the case of a rural lifestyle retailer with a complex global supply chain. 

This case study helps illustrate the the impact of global supply chain management solutions MercuryGate provides for our users.

The Challenge: Global Supply Chain Complexity

This rural lifestyle retailer’s supply chain is a large-scale operation with more than 30,000 orders per year and 3,500 SKUs to manage. It sources and imports both branded and private-label goods.
This retailer also has a complex operation with about 250 suppliers, 450 factories, 11 distribution centers, and more than 2,000 retail store locations. It works with both compliance and freight service providers.

A supply chain like this has a lot of diverse parts to manage effectively. They all need to work smoothly as cogs within a wheel for goods to ship on time. Sourcing and compliance challenges are inherent in managing a global supplier network like this.

Navigating Compliance in a Global Context

Global retailers face complex compliance challenges. For example, in our case study, the retailer has numerous hurdles:

  • Expanding the global supplier network.
  • Using manual methods for collecting, preparing, and distributing.
  • Relying on stale data.
  • Facing large quantities of and varying types of compliance requirements.
  • Working with a limited staff.

Automation solves many of these challenges. Through automation, you can monitor and collect compliance status for companies. You can keep track of a range of requirements and then manage the data that confirms procedures are followed. With automation technology, you can identify problems and roadblocks that need attention to ensure timely delivery.

Another important process is to reconcile compliance to purchase orders. Further, visibility is a component that makes a big difference. The more your organization has access to up-to-date information, the better you can be at following compliance requirements. At the same time, visibility enables your company to gain more accurate information from suppliers. It supports up-to-date shipping estimates and tracking communications for customers, which enhances their experience.

Approved to Ship? Validating Compliance Before Departure

When determining which orders are approved to ship, a company like our rural lifestyle retailer has numerous steps and roles working toward compliance, which include:

  • Confirming shipment approvals for order releases issued over a previous period.
  • Confirming the purchase orders that are pending release for shipment and focusing on resolving issues to ensure they ship on time.
  • Confirming an order has a plan to ship on time and pending order release items.
  • Determining the number of orders pending release without a satisfied transit test.

Technology tools and solutions empower staff to manage increasing compliance requirements without adding resources. For instance, your staff can:

  • Automate compliance status.
  • Make shipment approval at the order level.
  • Create more visibility into progress.
  • Reconcile compliance of purchase orders.

Ensuring Timely Departure in a Global Supply Chain

It’s difficult for global retailers to ensure orders are shipping on time. Some of the following factors affect timely transportation:

  • Shrinking lead times.
  • Needing advanced notice to improve bookings.
  • Executing order collecting, preparing, and distributing manually.
  • Expanding the supplier network.
  • Facings numerous and diverse compliance requirements.
  • Managing activities with limited staff.
Automation helps companies address many of these challenges.
In particular, when orders are approved to ship, it provides release notifications to both suppliers and freight service providers. Other important solutions reconcile order status to each order and measure compliance results.

Are My Orders Shipping On Time?

Smart Transportation tools and solutions help your organization effectively answer the question, “Are my orders shipping on time?”
This is where the solutions previously discussed come into play. Your company can automate, reconcile status, and measure results. In addition, it’s helpful to increase the visibility of compliance status by order and the all-around compliance progress.
The right tools can help your staff members handle compliance at the order level and provide decision-making support. When you solve the question of whether orders ship on time, you can manage inventory efficiently and ensure customer satisfaction.

Balancing Compliance and Customer Experience

Companies with a global supply chain, like our global retailer example, face the complexity of trade compliance while trying to get orders shipped on time to provide a good customer experience.
The key to success is achieving a balance between compliance and customer experiences. This is possible through the help of tools and solutions offered by MercuryGate that create a more efficient and successful global supply chain.

Learn more about shipping compliance in our webinar replay here. Watch it today for a deeper dive into the case study example of our rural lifestyle retailer. You’ll see our international sourcing and compliance solutions in action and find out how they fit your business needs.

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