TMS Onboarding: What Resources Do You Need for Successful Implementation?

TMS Onboarding

Deciding to put a transportation management system (TMS) into place can significantly improve response time and adaptability within the supply chain. And now is the time for investment so you can begin TMS onboarding as soon as possible.

According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, “e-commerce (66%) grocery, food and beverage (59%) and logistics (55%) industries are most willing to invest more in automation.” 

That’s partially due to how managers can more efficiently respond to changes within the supply chain, and both small and large disruptions can be more easily addressed. Unfortunately, the process of TMS onboarding can be among the most prominent obstacles shippers and carriers encounter. 

However, supply chain teams that work to understand the ins and outs of TMS onboarding and how to manage the process can get up and running quickly to build better customer service levels.

The Problem of Poor Planning and Implementation of TMS Platforms

Choosing to embrace technology and modernize the supply chain with an updated platform is a step in the right direction. However, the process of TMS onboarding is a critical part of maximizing efficiency and ensuring a smooth transition. 

Without proper planning, foresight, and preparation, the entire network can be faced with disruptions, higher freight costs, and issues during this adjustment period. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and understands what will happen and why is a critical first step. 

Missed loads, inadequate service, delays in communication, poor decision making, costly errors, and lost profits are likely to happen without good planning and robust implementation of the transportation management system setup.

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Essential Resources Needed to Ensure Smooth TMS Onboarding and Implementation

To ensure a smooth transition during the TMS onboarding process, some essential resources are needed. Ensuring managers and team members have the right resources available help make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are the must-haves for successful TMS onboarding:

Choosing to adopt an updated transportation management system is a step in the right direction. But it cannot be the only step that is made. TMS onboarding can take some time and needs special care so attention must be given to ensure it is done correctly.

Benefits of Transportation Management Systems and Automation

With successful TMS onboarding completed, it is time for supply chain managers and team members to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and digital dashboard automation:

This is why TMS onboarding remains critical for the supply chain upgrade process with so much at stake.

Download our infographic to see the Top 10 Benefits of Supply Chain Automation.

Embrace Automation and Innovation With TMS Onboarding From MercuryGate

The most successful TMS onboarding campaigns prepare everyone involved and prepare for possible issues and problems along the way. Keeping up with the times and embracing innovations is what separated successful shippers from those struggling to survive. Get the best transportation management system you can.

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